How high was your highest cell phone bill..?

Last month: $503

Fortunately, we set up a nice little deal where I “Upped” my monthly plan and extended my contract…

Anyways… Top $503 and justify it!

Okay, I can’t top $503. My highest was right around $400, many years ago. I think I just lost track of the minutes, and it was shortly after I’d gotten my phone, so I wasn’t used to limiting my time.

I keep track of my minutes online now!


Because, being the brain trust I am, I called my husband from Florida. Several times. And had long conversations. 30 minutes plus each time. On top of that, my “lost weekend” must have straddled two billing cycles, because the next one was $150.

Now I understand that calling cards are my friends.

$110. But that’s only because I had just gotten the phone, and wasn’t entirely clear on the details of my plan. I had ordered the most limited plan, wherein I had only sixty minutes of peak time and five hundred of weekend time, but I thought that the weekend time included weeknights after seven (since that’s the way my boyfriend’s plan goes, both weekends and nights are considered off-peak). So I racked up a bunch of peak minutes without knowing it, and they were .45 each. Grr. I was so mad when I got the bill.

Even after I learned about the plan, I still kept going over by $10-$20 every month so I had to upgrade my plan. I never have a big bill anymore, just the same $35 a month (which is still too high, but actually cheaper than using a land line and calling long distance from a calling card, which is what I had been doing).

Does satellite count? I had a Globalstar bill just over 2,500.00 once. Granted, it was business use, so I could care less, but gee-frigging-whiz, $1.sixty-something per minute for something that isn’t phone sex just doesn’t seem right.

Right before he left me, my husband ran up $1900 on my cel phone calling California and Virginia.

$1900. In less than a month. While I was at work, so I didn’t really know he was making THAT many calls.

He got on a Greyhound bus shortly thereafter, and I haven’t seen him since. Luckily, though, the phone was under a joint Cingular account with my father and myself named on the plan, and my father was filing bankruptcy at the time, so he called his lawyer and had it included.

Personal phone, non business related, originally intended for long distance and emergencies only. My highest bill up until then was a measly $47.

Top that.

About $35 including the $16.50 access fee.

Not the record, but $945. My now husband and I were on opposite sides of the pond.

I’m really not irresponsible or extremely wealthy. It was a billing error - they were charging me $1.90 per minute instead of $0.19/ minute. Phew.

Mine’s almost to small to even mention after all these monsterous ones, but it was 70 bucks, when my usual bill is 25. It was from when I was visiting my Mom after my Dad died.

I do a pay-as-you-go plan with Verizon. So my bill is about 20-40 every six weeks. They only do it in bizzare even numbered amounts. The bastards.
My largest bill was about $800 when my cell phone number/account had been stolen and the carrier ( foget who) called us to ask about our sudden surge in calls. I told them that the phone wasn’t working because the wires ( it was a bag phone) had mysteriously been cut and I hadn’t bothered to get to the cell phone store ( not on every corner like now) to get it fixed.

Now we know why.

Pay as you go, you say? How does that work? I have verizon and that might just be what the doctor ordered.

My worst phone bill…well, it was $1300.00 (+ $700). My two year plan with Sprint ended abruptly. One minute I was talking to a friend, the next minute the plan was over and I was disconnected. Nice. So I called up Sprint, had to re-set-up the whole account and got a whole bunch of new features. This took a couple hours on the phone to get done. My phone was back on and I started using the new services that were supposed to be in my plan. Unfortunately, the things like internet access which I was really using a lot turned out to be not included at all. The minutes I wanted, 1500 anytime, were actually 20 anytime minutes. They had screwed up so badly that when I got my bill which was sent to an old address before it was forwarded that was changed a year before, that my bill was $1300.00. By then I was still using my cell phone as I was the prior month and a half and stopped using it immediately when I got the bill. The following bill was $700.00. Grr. So, I got in a huge fight with Sprint and sat with a customer rep for a couple hours trying to get it changed. Nothing doing. Luckily, I have legal insurance and had a lawyer write up a letter to Sprint about their business practices. I got my plan changed and $900.00 knocked off. I’m not sure why I’m still with Sprint after all that but they’ve been good since and my monthly bill is as cheap as my landline.

a bit over 140 dollars. I received 300 something text messages at 10 cents a pop, most of which were from numbers I didn’t know or some 9 digit numbers. And I also had 30 something dollars of roaming for the 40 something minutes I talked on my phone in TX.


I watch all those cell phone commercials where they say they can save you a ton of money, and I think, “Ha! I can beat all their prices…”

Umm… something like £140, I think, for one month. That was when I was in Zimbabwe and made what was supposed to be a one-minute call but ended up lasting about 11 minutes. Oh, and I had to make a call from Zimbabwe to Kenya, on a UK phone, to confirm a flight booking - thus incurring two lots of international charges (Zim->UK plus UK->Kenya). I think it worked out at around £7 per minute. Ouch.

I’m not in the same league as you big boys, but my bill for September was $257. My wife and I got married in Las Vegas in September, and we used our cell phones to coordinate with one another, as well as the other members of our families. Couple that with lots of “my connection is bad, I’ll call you right back” 5-second calls which are billed for a full roaming minute, and the charges add up quick.

During a particularly insane period in my life, and I swear this is the truth, I ran up a 2,562.33 phone bill in one month. A lot of the charges were due to the fact that they were both roaming and long distance calls (I was on a… roadtrip).

And I worked for the cell phone company. I knew the phone bill was going to be high. But when I saw how high…

I’m not very proud of that, but there it is.

Meant to add that this was about 6 years ago, before “no roaming, no long distance” was the norm (and when Verizon was Bell Atlantic Mobile).

$593 or $584 … I don’t recall at the moment.

Bell South had taken their sweet time about actually giving us home telephone service and it added up.

Mine last month was about 114 bucks. I went over by about 100 minutes I think.

I also tend to go over on my text messages. I have unlimited incoming and 500 outgoing, but this month I managed to send 150 more than I was alotted. That was 15 extra bucks.

I don’t think anyone can top a friend of mine, though. He had a plan that included 700 outgoing text messages and managed to send nearly 3,000 in one month. So his bill was something like $300 just because of text messaging. Sheesh, I know text messaging is addictive but I’m not THAT bad about it!