How Hillary Clinton Could Still Become President In 2008 (Seriously)

Based upon this MSNBC article.

There has been a lot of speculation about some nutcase taking a shot at Obama (or even McCain) before they are even sworn in. If this horrible scenario were to pan out, according to MSNBC, here is what would happen.

Should such a scenario pan out, I can well imagine the Democrats would logically pick the candidate who came closest to defeating Obama in the Primary - ergo, Hillary Clinton would become the new president-elect.

Granted, chances of this all happening are minimal, to say the least, but in case you want to spark a fun debate during the election parties tonight…and if I were Obama, I might not want to drink anything the Clintons offer duiring the cocktail party tonight.

Not a chance. I think they would have to go with Biden. Hillary would certainly be a top choice for his Veep, though (but only if the Senate could afford 3 losses like that).

And THEN Biden would die! That’s Hillary’s route to the White House!!

Yes! Vince Foster failed in his mission to stop Hillary. He overshot the date, and wound up arriving when she was First Lady. He was supposed to stop her from killing Biden and ending his highly successful Presidency in the middle of his first term.

They would be more likely to nominate Obama’s chosen successor than his archnemesis.

(And yes, I realize archnemesis is a melodramatic word choice, but it doesn’t even begin to approach the level of melodrama we’d see if this scenario played out.)