How hot do you like it

I ordered some Mad Dog 357 which claims 357,000 scoville units, and got it in the mail today. It is pretty damn spicy let me tell you. I tried to put a few drops in a half bottle of bbq sauce today but a good TBSP poured out and wow! Hot stuff, let me tell you.

I have a friend who can eat Red Savina Habaneros by themselves (to be fair, he cries a little and makes whoo noises), but I am not so strong. (he also bought a 60 dollar 1 oz bottle of some stuff called “The Source” which is like 7 million Scoville units and eats is regularly, though a few drops in a pot of chile).

How hot do you like it? Can you eat RSH plain? Can you handle most of the hottest stuff, or do you find Jalapeños spicy? (even I can eat them plain with no discomfort)

I’ll slather wasabi or Chinese mustard on my egg rolls like there’s no tomorrow, but the chilies scare me. I prefer heat hot rather than spicy hot.

I slice jalepeños and put the pieces in my eyes. I eat handfuls of chiles petins for breakfast. I wipe my ass with seranos.

I do like it really hot. Apparantly hotter than most people. BUT, it still has to be about taste for me. Hot for hot’s sake is something I look at as kind of stupid, really.

mmm, Wasabi! I like that kind of hot too. There is this stuff by Beanos called Wasabi Sandwhich sauce (or some such) that I use for all my sandwiches (except PB&J) and even for my fries… YUMMY.

Yeah, taste is important most of of the time. For me. Sometimes I like it just hot though… enough for tears. They say that capsaican (sp?) releases Endorphins, so that is probably it.

Not hot at all. Mild, to match my manner. :cool:

Yeah, I hear ya. That’s why I do like the hot, but it has to taste, too. (I shouldda worded it differently)

I saw the endorphins at Sea World. The do tricks and stuff.

Ketchup is about as far as I can go.

I’m closer to the ketchup than I am to the chili peppers. I like spicy and I like it hot but I don’t want to cry while eating my food. That takes the fun out of a delicious meal!

I like the hot hot and the spicy hot but being the sheltered midwestern American flower that I am my exposure to the variety of hot and spicy is limited. I’ve never had anything that was too hot for me to handle, with a sauce called “Vampfire” being about the closest to my tolerance I’ve had.

Depends on what I’m eating. Stuff like Jamaican jerk chicken and Gai pad gaprao (Thai holy basil chicken) I like searingly hot. My Jamaican jerk recipe contains 12-16 habaneros or Scotch bonnets. When I make basil chicken, it’s all about hot peppers and fish sauce for me. And, yes, I could taste the actual flavors beneath all that hotness.

However, for other dishes I like it a little less than burn-your-mouth-off hot. For example, Buffalo wings I like to order medium with a side of suicide sauce. Why? Because the hotness is controlled by the margarine/butter-to-Frank’s ratio and I like my wings on the margariney/buttery side rather than the pure vinegaryness of Frank’s. Then again, I don’t consider suicide wings terribly hot, they’re just too acidic for me.

However, I do always have to be careful when cooking for others, as my idea of mild isn’t the same as most people’s.

You’re not taking this seriously! wags finger


Mmm, sounds tasty. My SO gives me a hard time when I eat spicy stuff talking about my taste buds being damaged. Not true at all. I can taste all the other subtle flavors in spicy food, and I can taste the difference in sauces. Hot doesn’t mask flavor, to me it enhances it.

I hate vinegar taste (shudders). I like my wings very, very spicy. There is already very little food, so to me that screams “make it as spicy as possible!” Buffalo Wild Wings has some good sauces that aren’t too vinegary. Which makes me a happy man.

I hear that, lol. I put in a bit of cayanne pepper I have (90k SU), and while I can barely taste it, my SO is running for the nearest basic food she can find.

I love it make me cry-make me sweat profusely-make my nose run-hot. That hot-high is one for the best feelings in the world. Transcendent, really. That being said however, I do not care for the heat for heat’s sake. I am not looking for instant burn on my tongue. I like spicy heat that gets me hot from the inside, gets a good all-around mouth burn. Hot curries and indo-paki-thai foods are the best for that IMO.

I’m not a fan of vinegary sauces either. I don’t like pickled hot peppers either. Pickled jalepenos are disgusting to me. I love fresh serranos or thai peppers on just about most foods. Smoked habeneros are a recent infatuation.

There’s alot of fresh fruit flavor to fresh peppers and good earthiness to dried or smoked peppers.

Woah, I just insert their seeds with a pitchfork. You are the man.

Strangely, I never liked hot stuff antil a couple of years ago when my sister invented and began selling a hot but sweet jalapeno dressing. Now, I can’t get enough of anything spicy.

I should clarify that I actually love vinegar, it’s just concentrated hot vinegar (as in temperature hot) is like being sprayed with mace to me. I’ve had BW3’s hottest wings (some habanero concoction, IIRC), and the sauce was fine, but I just don’t like their wings at all.

Hmm…that gives me an idea. I make pretty damn good wings at home, but I’ve never tried spiking the Frank’s with some habanero sauce. I’ll have to give it a shot next time. The problem for me is that habaneros have such a distinctive and different flavor from your average red hot peppers that the sauce stops tasting like a Buffalo wings to me. Maybe there’s some kind of Thai red pepper sauce that would blend in better.

I like really hot and spicy. Sadly, my GI issues have determined that unless I wish to spend several days in bed in agonizing pain I can’t have it that way.

I use a fair amount of Blair’s quite tasty Mega Death, most of it going onto my egg sandwiches in the morning. There are several other hot sauces out there that are hotter (including several from Blair’s) but I just don’t have any need or interest. This one is got all the hots that I need.

I love this feeling, too.

I know about some of the benifits of capsicum, but does it really get you “high” :cool: .

I like hot food too, but I prefer farmers-market fresh habaneros to Blair’s pure-cap flavored something or other. I know they say there are no preservatives in it, but gosh-darn-it, it sure tastes like preservatives to me…

Farmer Vincent would be turning over in his grave… :smiley: