How I almost died at a rap concert Saturday (according to the AP)

So, I apparently almost died at a rap concert on Saturday night in Vegas and I thank the AP for once again jumbling the facts up to make it sound so. Hey, it gives me a good story to tell (that is, really, MPSIMS).

Here’s the article.

So here’s my story and the inaccuracies in the above.

I was at the 50 Cent concert at the Hard Rock Saturday night and while it was a kick ass concert, there was a whole lot of wrong going on there. That said, I figure it’d probably be good to point out some inaccuracies in the AP article that has been posted (plus, I’ve got nothing better to do)

First of all, no one told us that the stage was going to be on the pool (and I do mean ON THE POOL. If you wanted to be anywhere near the stage, you had to be in the pool. So, naturally, we crawled in fully clothed). Then, for a reason that was proven later, security said everyone had to back up away from the stage- we were pushed REALLY far back by security, I mean, at least 50 feet of open pool was between the concert go-ers in the pool and the actual stage.

The concert started without much of a hitch- Ludacris came out during I Get Money and Akon came out (and stayed out for the rest of the show) right after that. Security was not letting anyone into the vast, open pool area in front of the stage…

Either way though, the concert was going along fine, even after 50 threw what ended up being fake $50 bills with his picture on them into the water. Everyone pretty much immediately realized they were fake and continued dancing.

Then 50 brought out Floyd Merriweather. Merriweather had a satchel that turns out was FULL of money. Now, most of the stacks were just ones, but there were about 20-40 $100 bills in there. He started just tossing the money into the open water, so everyone rushed security to go up towards the stage. This worked out well for me because, while I didn’t need the $3 I could probably gather, I certainly didn’t mind being closer to the stage.

Everything was still fine, except for of course the grown ass men that were literally fighting over $1 bills (PATHETIC). Everyone was dancing and having a good time, all while 50 was encouraging the people in the back on the edges of the pool to get in. Then people started splashing one another, eventually splashing the performers on the stage. 50 and his group were laughing, pouring bottled of water on us and 50 took off his shirt which, of course, encouraged more people to splash.

It was then that the lights started sparking and 50 told everyone to stop splashing because it was going to cause a problem. Things were all well and good, but then some dumb ass (he was stoned out of his mind and was falling over) decided it would be funny to splash the stage some more. 50 again stopped, telling people to knock it off because the lights were sparking.

Everything was all well and good for a bit, 50 even was standing right next to me, smiling and about to reach down and grab my extended hand (probably for a marriage proposal, I’m sure), when he saw the lights sparking again out of the corner of his eye and walked to that side of the stage. And then it happened.


Almost immediately, 50 and his. . . er. . .posse (?) told everyone to get out of the pool. I have no real reason to believe so, but it genuinely seemed like he was concerned by the tone of his voice. I was getting out when I heard him say, “WHY ARE YOU GUYS STANDING HERE? WATER AND ELECTRICITY DO NOT MIX! GET OUT OF THE POOL RIGHT NOW! YOU’RE GOING TO GET HURT.” Then I see some dumb ass fan actually try to grab the lights to put them back on the stage. 50 yelled at that guy, “BRO, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? DON’T TOUCH THAT. THAT IS ELECTRIC!”

What the AP article fails to mention is that entire portions of the stage were falling over during the performance and were being held up by roadies.

For the tl;dr crowed, here’s the summary:

The rapper ended his show early after part of his stage — and its attached lights — sagged dangerously close to the water Saturday night.
No, the lights flat out FELL into the water and it wasn’t because the stage was falling apart (though the back of it was). Some dumb ass REACHED UP AND PULLED THEM DOWN. What happened was in no way 50’s fault, but the lights were definitely doing a little more than sagging- I say that as someone who was about a foot from where it happened.

The trouble started when 50 threw a fistful of dollars into the air and fans swarmed to collect the cash. They leaned on the stage and it started to give way.
50 didn’t throw any money, Floyd Merriweather was. No one was leaning on the stage to get money EXCEPT the one dumb fool who climbed up over the lights to reach and pulled them down with him.

When the cash-seeking swimmers failed to heed his warning, 50 called it a night and walked off stage.
No, no, and no. The money hadn’t been in the water for a while, but rather there were a few spare bills floating around the stage (hence Idiot Boy in the above). 50 called it a night after the lights were floating in the water and the pool had to be completely cleared. Add to that the fact that half of the lights on the stage (the tall ones) were falling over and you can see why he cut it short. That said, he still performed over an hour.

Other than the potential electrocution, the concert was great and 50 looked hot. I saw his street team outside (while I was soaking wet from the pool), told them I was a dedicated fan and deserved compensation for my troubles and I got some free 50 Cent brand condoms. Sexy, right?

There’s a video from the concert on MTV and I took a screen shot because, well, I am just that cool. He so wants me, right? My arms are up over my head because I was dancing. Soon after that song, they threw more money into the crowd and everyone sort of ran after it, so I ran up to the stage and was right up against it dancing for the rest of the concert.

So that was my Saturday night. Apparently I was almost killed at a rap concert (and not in the traditional rap concert ways!). Who knew? :smiley:

Cool, sounds like you had fun. :slight_smile:

Definitely. You think I should email 50’s MySpace and be all, “Hey, I know you remember that moment we had in Vegas on Saturday-- c’mon, you do. Let’s do it. Yes?”

Then, if he doesn’t answer, I should get progressively more cryptic in my emails. I fail to see how this plan couldn’t work.


Oh yes, he’s clearing planning matrimony. :wink:

Glad you weren’t electrocuted. I’m a little unclear where the pool came in, though. You look like you’re standing on something there, not treading water.

He obviously wishes to claim you as his betrothed and immediately start making change with you.


Of course I can’t find a map of the venue now. Hooray! An excuse to bust out my mad paint skills!

Ahem: Mad Paint Skill Artistic Rendering.

So, as you can see, the stage was RIGHT on the pool and I don’t think most folks knew this, because they were fully clothed. When we got there, we were faced with a tough decision: throw away our shoes, ruin our jeans and tops, ruin our hair and makeup we spent 2 hours readying, and possibly destroy your cell phones by jumping in or wait on the side.

Obviously, we chose the former.

We threw our shoes onto the sand on the side and crawled in. Right next to the stage, the water is only up to my knee-mid thigh (I’m 5’3’’) but if you move even a few feet back, it goes way up to chest height. You’re right though, in the video you can’t tell how much water we were standing in.

The biggest problem that lead to much falling over from the semi drunk in the crowd was that the bottom of the pool is sand-- deep sand. Like, the sand went up to my shin. Yeah, it’s hard to balance in sand, let alone when there are bunches of people dancing and pushing around to get some money.

Oh, here’s the actual lil’ video for interested parties: video. Right after that song, they threw a little more money and everyone scattered, leaving me with the perfect opportunity to cozy up with the stage.

And Cartooniverse- Finally someone gets me! See? I knew I wasn’t making our love up. Damnit, we had a moment!

I know what you mean about media inaccuracy, I’ve seen it in our local media as well. Too bad a large respected organization the AP can’t get it right though. I almost think blogs and are more accurate than newspapers sometimes.

That would make a hilarious court exhibit at the civil trial! :smiley:

“…yes, your honor, I’m the stick figure in the front…”

I always pictured you as being a bit taller.

Maybe I’m just a helpless old fogey (See current I’m An Old Fart thread currently running), but I can’t see how anybody at ANY time would think having a concert overtop a pool would be a good idea. :confused:

I’m with ya. I mean, I can see if they wanted it to be a pool party, but they should have a: told us that and b: put up a barricade or something so people couldn’t get water on the equipment (maybe a splash guard or something).

Frankly, I would have been really pissed if I had to spend the entire concert waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay in the back like they had us, but there has to be some middle ground. Oh like, I dunno, NOT HAVING THE CONCERT IN A POOL! :smiley:

Though I will say, the whole pool thing was the funnest concert I’ve ever been to- mostly because it was 100 degrees and the pool was actually refreshing and delightful (you know, without the electrical shocks, that is).

Here’s an article from Paparazzi agency TMZ that has a link to a video where you can see the water, since some of you were asking.