How I became a sorta Buckeye: a scarlet and gray MMP

Good morning one and all.

That was a very informative OP, gt. From what I gather, the big rivalry here is between WSU and UW. The Apple Cup brings out rabid, crazy fans. I, personally, could care less.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Another sleepless night, and I’m having difficulty waking up fully.

I’ll pop in later.

Oh, how are the back and legs, Bobbio?

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! People around here are nuts. Bonkers. Looney Toons even. The phone will not stop ringing. People are wandering in the building. They all want those damn Crimmus ornimints. I am sick of ornimints. The one consolation I have is I can hide out from the madness back here in my own little building. I’ll take mopheads, round rubber thingys, boxes, even gasp billing over ornimints.

I’ve told more than a few people I know, who had the nerve to call me at home… :mad: about 'em, that they best get their hiney’s (hinies?) in and order the damn things if’n they want ‘em. No way was I goin’ to take names and phone numbers so they could reserve one, two, a gazillion of 'em.

In other news… except for that things are really quiet. I’m actually taking care of a lot of little stuff to get done when I get a chance things today. YAY!

Buckeyes, Wolverines and Spartans, Oh MY!

Say this: " he needs a wee game for his Wii. A wee Wii game. No, not a naughty game for his wee-wee, Mum, aren’t you listening? He needs a wee game for his Wii. It’s short-no, his wee-wee’s not short! Listen, Mum…" Listen to her implode over the phone. (I am evil).

Actually I had already considered the amount of fun I could have with the wee Wii game, rigs but decided it was too evil for his mum, she loves me really! I think I could send his younger sister into a complete frenzy if I tried that with her though. Anyway, since when has fun been evil?

Guten Montag!

This weekend was one of relative insanity for me. I did a lot of things and very few of them were things I had actually planned on doing. And that may just be the beginning. I hardly had time to browse the board this weekend, but maybe now I can catch up.

Can’t say I’m much of a sports nut. I guess it’s just never caught my attention. I don’t think varsity football is quite as big deal in these parts as it is in many parts of the US though – but then Canadian football is a little different than American. It also isn’t as popular. I think Canada prefers its hockey to just about anything else.

Bwahahaha! I thought only guys did that. I have to arm wrestle KeithT to throw out boxers or socks with holes in them. Ugh. What is this sentimental attachment to underwear?? I can understand - even if I don’t approve of - this type of attachment to a shirt or something. But underwear? Can someone explain that to me?

I really don’t like football. Just not my thing. But it’s definitely entertaining to tease the native Minnesotans about the Vikings this year. That’s the only reason to follow the scores and stuff.

Thanksgiving plans: going to KeithT’s family’s on Thursday. Should be nice, but it’s the first time ever that I’ve been away from my family on T-day. :frowning: Oh well. And I volunteered to make a pumpkin cheesecake. Someone remind me of why I did that??

What I’m thankful for… well, it’s a pretty long list for me this year (and shouldn’t be too surprising): engagement to the most awesome guy in the world, successful move, new job, happiness in said new job and cool coworkers and good boss, wedding plans that are coming together pretty well, my in-laws-to-be like me and I like them, and my parents’ move went well too. It’s been a good year at Casa Taxi.

I posted in the old MMP yesterday about plans for Thanksgiving. Because I’m lazy I copied and pasted it to put here:

What I’m thankful for: A great family (really), ACBG (duh!), a job I can stand most of the time, pretty good health for an old fart, and… all the MMP COOL KIDS! Y’all are the bestest.

Better, but not yet 100%. I haven’t popped any Aleve since yesterday. Normal movement rates about 2 of 10, vs about an 8 at the worst, but I still had an interesting time putting on my socks this morning.

Thanks for asking.

In other news, I think I found someone who can power shell 30 gallons of peecans for me. I need to find out if he’ll do it, and what he’ll charge…

I did some yesterday afternoon. It took me close to 3 hours to get a pound and a half of cleaned meats using my hand cracker; at that rate, I’ll need a full year to get through all 30 gallons. And there’s still more waiting to come down, too. :frowning:

I will never understand why fans of any sport are mean/hateful/rude/etc. to fans of another team in the same sport. Do you not want your team to play? Or do you just want them to play with themselves? :snerk: Reportedly after the Auburn-Alabama game on Saturday, which Auburn won, some of the fans in the Alabama students section started throwing stuff at the Auburn players as they left the field. This stuff included empty glass liquor bottles and full water bottles. One of the Auburn players was hit in the eye with a full water bottle. That is freakin’ assault and it is so stupid. It’s a game, folks! I don’t understand when people cheer if a member of another team gets hurt, and I have heard that some Cottonmouths fans did that Saturday night. I have vowed to never go on a road trip to Knoxville again after one of their fans dumped a full beer over the head of a 12 year old child, because she was cheering for her team. I am a rabid Cottonmouths fan, but I also help feed the visiting team after the game and wish them well. (Most of them. There are a few I just can’t stand, but it is mostly for their actions off the ice. I think the one I dislike most has retired and I’m glad. I’ve just never been able to stand him after he tried to run over one of our players (now our Coach) in the parking lot of the Macon Civic Center a few years ago after a game.)

Off the subject of sports (great OP, gt!) I do need to get moving. I have laundry to do (how can two people go through so much laundry?) and I have to go get some of the “dark colors” detergent before I can do it. Today is also litter box day. But it ends with the Coach’s Show, which I always enjoy.

I am thankful for Mr. SCL., for my friends (both in hockey and away from it), for the mostly good health my family has enjoyed this year, for my fuzzbabies, for still having a hockey team here after 11 years, and for all the MMP cool kids!

Bobbio have you checked to see if, say, the local hardware store in Mayberry shells pecans? There’s one just up the road from me that shells 'em for like 30 cents a pound if you want to pick 'em yourself, or for 50 cents a pound will hand you back nicely shelled and picked. A friend has pecan trees in his yard but can’t be bothered to pick 'em up so I get a good ten to twenty pounds of pecans a year because I’ll go pick pecans up (I got a little thingy to pick up pecans) from his yard. I usually go for the 50 cents a pound method because I’m lazy. Plus, I figure I get from 10 to 20 pounds of pecans for 50 cents a pound. Pretty good price. Ok, mostly it’s cause I’m lazy.

I’m feeling the need to be brave and venture up to the front building to see how the ornimint sellin’ is goin’. I’m bettin’ on a sell out by day’s end and the dang things won’t even be here until December 13th!

< Politely ignoring the OP, as I don’t know squat about college football >

I don’t work on Mondays, so they’re usually reserved for running errands.
I had the misfortune to get stuck behind every single old person in the world at the grocery store, just ambling along, in the middle of the freaking aisle. Get the hell over and let me pass, Grandma!

My Inner Child spoke up and screamed, “I want Pizza Rolls for lunch!” so I bought some and they’re in the toaster over as I type. I haven’t have Pizza Rolls in ages. I hope they’re as good as I remember.
The Inner Child also threw in a tub of dark-chocolate covered pretzels. My Inner Child is a brat.

It’s chilly here - and it’s cloudy and threatening to rain. Cold, I don’t mind. I just don’t want it to rain.

I slept until after 10 this a of m. Okay, let me retract that. I slept until 9am then fought with the cat to get her to let me sleep another hour
Smokey: M’yow! :nuzzlenuzzlepurrpurr:
me: lay down, I’m not getting up yet. : pushes gently on cat’s back to force her down :
Smokey: ::licklickpurrpurr:: m’owrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp ::stand, kneadkneadkneadkneadknead::
this scene repeats several times every morning. Then when I do get out of bed she goes into her Lassie immitation - As I hobble into the loo, she looks at me, runs into the kitchen, sticks her head out to see if I am following, when I do not she comes back to me, meows, turns toward the kitchen and looks back at me over her shoulder, meows again goes into the kitchen. She does this until I come in to feed her. I actually said to her one day “Whatsamatter, girl, is Timmy down the well again?”
I had a good weekend, and I am editing photos now. But I actually have something to contribute to the OSU/UM discussion. First, I know very little about professional football, let alone all the college leagues. But friends of mine who normally attend the shindig I was at this weekend (but who this year were volunteered to be chaparones on their sons’ scouting trip) wear their UM colors all day Saturday (thing is, only she attended UM, he’s a New England boy but was threatened with all manner of torture had he not chosen to support her team) and they disappear for a few hours to watch the game. If they reemmerge still wearing their colors, the rest of us know the game went UM’s way. If they come back in regular garb, we know not to ask.
As for Thanksgiving, I am thankful for friends, family (especially the cutest baby in the world), and my essentially decent health (my heart is strong and my lungs clean; everything else can be fixed)
My Plans include dropping by Boston Market on the way home from work Wednesday and picking up the “traditional” for 3, which I will portion out when I get home into four or five meals.

I’m not even sure when it happened. All I know is that some time, through the course of my life, I got a bad, venomous, bile-tasting taste in my mouth when Ohio State, USC, and Notre Dame are mentioned.

There isn’t enough pox to have amongst thems houses.

Yes. Thems.

Thanks for the mention, Li Li. I’m the worst MMPer ever.

I didn’t check to see if they (the hardware) cracks them, but come to think of it, they might, 'cuz they have a big lawn and garden section, and the lady who owns the joint has a couple of trees herself, and has been bitching for a month now that her yield has been so bad this year.

The name I got came from the county agent. I only talked to 'em on the phone, so I have no idea if the agent’s name is Kimball, and/or if he/she looks like Alvy Moore…

The agent? Would it be Detective John Kimball?
(I’m a cop, you idiot!)

Swampy, I can’t remember what part of 'bama you hail from. I just heard on the news about a school bus carsh in Huntsville. I hope all of your peeps are ok.

Hm…Methinks swampus is indigenous to Georgia (sadly for him, heh), and being of the species, ursis gayus he done got no peoples.
But I feel bad re the Huntsville peoples.

Still have not opened a Word doc to start my paper, but the first sentence changed in my head. Someone beat me up or yell at me, please.

Hi, all. I’m not a football fan at all, but my dad went to U of Texas so I was raised to hate Aggies. It’s not a rational thing, but hey, it’s all his fault, right? And I lived in Columbus for a couple of years, but rather than cheering for either team, I’d go shopping during the game. If I could tear the clerks away from their TVs/radios, I could get an amazing amount accomplished since the roads and stores were empty. Yeah, I’m a football humbug.

Ratty underwear? I finally last year, after watching Papa Tigs wear the same ratty underwear that was already old when I married him in 1996, insisted that he replace it all. It did take nine years of persuasion, however. I hope you have better luck with QD, LiLi.

I chipped a tooth Saturday. :frowning: So I’m off to the dentist in an hour to see what horrible things he’s going to do to me. A crown for sure; I’m just praying I don’t need a root canal, too. And of course it’s my last molar, so my jaw will be hurting just opening up far enough for him to reach the stupid tooth. Have I mentioned how dentist-phobic I am?

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, rigs quit messin’ around and start on that paper young lady! I mean now!


I am indeed indigenous to Jawja though I do have kinfolk in 'bama. None in Huntsville that I know of. Still Snakes it’s nice to be thought about.

Ornimint newsflash:

TPTB have decided to order another seven hundred in addition to the already reordered three hundred of the dang things. The original order was for 750. The reorder is for a thousand. People are still calling and coming by to order theirs. A lot in like multiples of ten or twenty. :confused: I suppose they are to be given away but I have a mental image of people hoarding ornimints, waiting until there’s a scarcity, and then offering them up on EBay for thousands of dollars. It’s fun in my world. :smiley:

In my case, it’s hard to find plain, black, comfy cotton underwear, which is what I like to wear most of the time. My dog has decided her goal in life is to eat holes in as many pairs of my underwear as humanly possible. Whenever I go home after being at college for awhile, someone inevitably forgets this problem and leaves the laundry door open, or pushes the laundry basket full of my laundry into the hall. I get home to find holey underwear all over the hallway. Basically, my underwear gets ratty faster than I can buy new stuff, so I wear it until it’s uncomfortably unwearable, even if it doesnt look so pretty.

Now, if she went after the rest of the family’s underwear, I can assure you that no one would ever forget to be careful of the laundry room ever again… Also, I swear that dog will happily eat anything but dog food (which she’ll only eat with great reluctance). Underwear, squirrel poop, paintballs, all fall into her yummy category.