How I became a sorta Buckeye: a scarlet and gray MMP

Nah, hang around til the top of the hour, make sure you’re relaxed, then nose to the grindstone until 6pm, break for dinner, then back to work until The Daily Show at 11pm

First of all, where are you going that would ever bring you through Athens? The only time you would ever find yourself in Athens would be if Athens is your final destination.

Second, I find it sad that anyone would have so much contempt for such a wonderful place.

Good morning everyone!

I enjoyed your post GY. Being a guy, I understand the rules to all those games, except hockey, I can never remember how many points one gets per tooth knocked out, and of course cricket. But then, nobody understands cricket.
But, I have to admit, in a flagrant violation of the rules of guyness, that I couldn’t care less about professional sports, and, by extension, I haven’t much interest in intramural (is that the right word?) sports either, unless I know, or am related to, one of the players.
(yeah, I like commas, so what?)

Today is my day off, and I’m sitting here waiting for phone calls. The electrical inspector is suposed to call me and tell me when he’s gonna get here, which will, of course, be a lie. And someone from the company who removed $215.00 from my business checking account is supposed to call so I can explain to her why I don’t owe them any money. Her boss called me yesterday, Sunday afternoon, to tell me she was gonna call. :confused:

I want the electrical inspection out of the way so I can go to the store. The BoyChild and his family, who live ~100 miles away, are coming here for Turkey Day, and I need to purchase some foodstuffs foe their visit. We’re planning on having turkey and traditional stuffing, mashed N.O.T., green beans (without snot, we cook them with bacon pieces), Probably a salad, and desserts. Ima make my famous impossible coconut pie, and, instead of the usual pumpkin pie, we thought we’d make GT’s sweet potato casserole, except with yams instead of sweet N.O.T.

Now I think I’ll go upstairs and clean a bunch of empty computer boxes out of the back closet so I can cram in the pile of stuff sitting in the hall.

Say Swampy, do you suppose I could get one of them thar Christmas ormimintals? :smiley:


I forgot to mention that The GirlChild, who lives less than a mile away, is going to drive ~100 miles away to have Turkey with Son-in-law’s Mother. Ain’t extended familys great?

Also, you’ll be glad to know that I’ve changed my sig to something less confrontational:

I have never quite understood sports rivalries, but then again I have never really understood sport fandom either so 'tis only to be expected. My father was a graduate of OSU and I have lived in Michigan all of my life, so the UofM / OSU rivalry is certainly not unknown to me, but its something that, despite his early attempts, my father was never able to pass on to me. From what I gather there is a major rivalry between the football from my college and another team from somewhere here abouts. I’m in my forth year at this school and I would not be able to tell you where that other team is from, let alone the name of our team. My father tells me that our team is one of the best in its classification/division/whatever the correct term is here and every now and then he will call me up to mention that they have won an important game or are going to some final, my standard response has become a bit of a running joke between us.

Me: Our what team?
father: Football.
Me: What-ball?
father: Football.
Me: Foot-what?
father: Football.
Me: What-what?

I was fairly proud to be able to call him up a few weeks ago to let him know that I was actually on campus during a football game for the first time ever. Granted I wasn’t at the game, and until I got to campus and discovered the difficult parking situation I was unaware there was even a game that night, but none the less it was a big step for me.

Bumbazine claims:

I wholeheartedly agree.

I also think life is too short to drink cheap beer.


Actually from where I live some routes I would take to get to stuff above Athens would take me through Athens if I wanted to go state and federal highways instead of interstate through Etlanner.

Athens is a pretty town. However, I equate Athens with UGA which means grad school, the thought of which causes horrible flashbacks. I hated every day of grad school, hence, the no desire ever (except for The Creamery) to go back.

Bumba if’n you went to our website you could order you a ornimint. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not necessarily true. There are exceptions to the sports rule, and they mostly involve the use of power tools, loud motor vehicles, and firearms. Even better if it’s all three at the same time. :wink:

I’ve finished editing photos, now I will tell you about the weekend and insert pics as warranted.
We drove up 95 this time, since it was a more efficient route for our destination. Cousin had the camera on the ride up because she wanted a pic of the New England Pest Control Bug - It’s this big blue roach shaped critter atop their HQ. It stares down upon I95 as the road turns northward thru Providence, RI. Apparently, NEPC has decorated their mascot for the Season.
These weekends (I go to two ro three of these a year), unlike the Sweet Adelines weekends, are spent gaming, eating, and most importantly, drinking. I had three many Mike’s plus a MudSlide (with extra chocolate syrup) Friday night, but still managed to play well enough in the Poker game to only lose $3. But I didn’t hydrate, so I got nasty cramps in my calves (both simultaneously) at 3:00am. In spite of that I woke up on time to go hear the 9:00 am speaker talk about his experience at WPT Poker Boot Camp. He’s a friend, otherwise I would have slept thru it.
I made new friends and learned how to play The Big Idea(an exercise in random marketing), Cities And Knights (a Catan spin off) and Keesdrow (a cross between Boggle and Scrabble). Several dozen of us went to dinner at a local Chinese Buffet. Food was pretty good, but I found the beef to be a little on the gristly side. I got up for a recycle break and when I came back there were a couple of fortune cookies at my place. I read the fortunes and folded them up and put them in my pocket, then proceeded to gather up the other discarded fortunes. When asked why, I told them about you folks and the <snerk> fest. They laughed and handed me the gem of the evening - the last one on the list I posted at the end of last week’s MMP
There was a costume parade Saturday evening, but only a few folks dressed up. The most intriguing costume was The Unexploded Cow (apparently, it’s a game). There was another poker game, and again I only lost $3 so, for me, it was a good game.
Sunday, before we headed home, we had brunch with the nephews and niece-in-laws and of course The World’s Cutest Baby. Then home again, home again, jiggety jig. I was a tired panda when i got home last night. I’m still kind of dreaky from sitting in a car for over 7 hours, and still groggy, so it’s a good thing I took today off. That also makes this a very short week.

That’s all, except to say,

you men and your toys :rolleyes:

Very cute. Even the one with excessive Baby Drool.

Do you know what is seriously saving me at this point? The fact that TDS is a rerun all week…

I have a parent/teacher conference soon, and I need to flatiron my hair. I am worried about the P/T thing. See, I have always been in the (now recognized by me and appreciated, but not at the time) of having kids that teachers raved about. And I mean raved-to the point where I would be all like, look, he’s 6, ok? My two older ones liked school, read early, did well, do the whole gifted, AP thing now. Academics has never been a real issue for them (ocassional math woes, but overall, bupkus).

#2 son, whom I adore, school is not so much. I think he’s smart, but it’s like he doesn’t care. He (unknown to me, but now that I know-this WILL change) hasn’t been bothering to turn his work in. Ummm…not good. He is not as “advanced” as the other two, but I wouldn’t care about that, IF he were actually, you know-doing the work. We got him a tutor, whom he likes a great deal, and I work with him every day on his spelling.

How can you get an A in science, but a C in language arts? I don’t get it-science demands inference, comprehension, proper grammar and the like. How does this not translate? (all of this is at the 3rd grade level, mind). So, I am confused and concerned. His math is ok-a solid C, which, given the witch he had last year, I’m proud of.

My problem is this: after 3rd grade, kids are tracked. And his grades are tracking him into the Misfits (euphemism for every behavior nightmare out there). He is not an independent sort-and if you spend all day with Trouble…

Gah-sorry to spout all this at you guys. I DID write a whole page of my paper-most of it shite, but it’s a Process.

Here is what I need:

  1. we are doing our part. What is teacher doing? (dunno as yet).

  2. Anyone getting in the way of him turning in his homework (ie intimidation etc-it sounds crazy, but a kid was SUSPENDED from 3rd grade this year. How do you get suspended in 3rd grade? I’ll tell you how-you jump onto the teacher’s desk and yell FUCK, alot. That’s how. This kid is in #2 son’s class).

3.what else can we do? He doesn’t qualify for testing (and I doubt he needs it-what I need is how to motivate a kid who doesn’t seem to mind coasting along-IF I can do so…).

  1. how not to cry about this in the conference? I am PMSing hugely and even commercials are getting to me today…

** just so you don’t think we’re crazed yuppie parents, we have always said to the kids that a B is a good grade, that they don’t have to succeed to please us. But there is a difference between doing well because you are capable of it, and doing well because your love and acceptance depends upon it, if you follow me…I’ll shut up now.

Funny anecdote of the day, that has nothing at all to do with sports:

I was in Walmart. My Walmart happens to keep condoms across the aisle from the feminine care products. A teenager (looked to be about 17 or so) walked over to the condoms, looked at them, looked at me, looked back at the condoms, and fled. Apparently the poor boy was too embarrassed about buying them to actually be seen taking them off the shelf by a girl.

I get your last thought completely. This is always what we have told our kids.

My son went through a period of time when, although he was doing well, he was basically coasting. He was BORED. I told the teacher this, so she found more challenging work for him to do. That nipped the problem right in the bud.

This flat-out cracked me up!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Today I finally got moved to my cubicle. It is located - ready for this? - in the same office as my old cubicle. Except this time, instead of cube 1, I’m in Cube 18, right next to the fridge, the microwave, and the internet terminals. I can see me getting a lot of work done… :rolleyes: I managed to get unpacked, put in a trouble call to get my computer hooked up, and set up my voice mail. (New phone number, too. They’ll only allow certain folks to keep their numbers.) I need to put in another trouble call to have the overhead light above my cube reconnected. Apparently, a previous denizen didn’t like having an overhead light shining down. I don’t like it shadowy, so I’ll be getting it fixed.

One nice thing about my cube, tho, it’s got 2 high walls. I’ll have way more privacy than I had in cube 1. Plus my neighbor is pretty quiet, if constantly apologetic. Maybe we need to start a pool for when I have to move again. One potentially influential factor - we get a new commanding officer in July. Post your predictions!

I am thankful for a daughter who isn’t spoiled despite all the benefits she’s derived as an only child, for a husband who is so considerate of me I feel guilty, for a cat who hasn’t puked on the carpet in almost a week, for a dog who doesn’t snore too loudly, and for the friendship of some of the coolest kids on the planet. I loves youse guys!! MWAH!

Incidentally, per the OP, I went to Purdue (rah go boilermakers yeah whatever…) and I attended one half of one football game my first semester. After that, I gave my ticket to a friend who did the Big Brother thing so he could take his Little Brother to the games. Then I babysat for my friends who wanted to go to the game.

I know there were a couple of rivalries. I truly didn’t care. Care even less now. At work I hate telling anyone where I went to college because they expect me to know something about the stupid football team. Right.

Sorry - this is just a small burr under my saddle. Stoopit football.

Color me depressed. I just saw the dentist for my chipped tooth. That tooth needs a crown. Which I figured. The tooth in front of it also needs a crown. Which also didn’t surprise me.

But the tooth in front of that? Needs not only a crown but a root canal – not because it’s diseased, but because there’s not enough tooth left to actually hold a crown, so they have to do a root canal and stick a post in with an attached fake tooth chunk so that there’ll be something to fasten the crown onto. And of course, while I can’t get an appointment to get my teeth cleaned till next August (that’s right, August 2007!), I was able to get a root canal appointment for next week. And I may still need periodontal surgery to scrape away gum and bone to make sure there’s enough tooth there to fasten the crown onto. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

And then my oldest crown, which I’ve had for so long I can’t even remember when I got it, needs to be replaced. And I have one teensy cavity. So the final tally is: cleaning, one filling, one root canal with added tortures, three new crowns, and one replacement crown. And they only want me to pay $1800 for the privilege of being tortured for many, many hours. :eek:

I think I’m going to go to bed and pull the covers over my head now.

That too! :smiley:

Well let’s see; I have almost as many power tools as Norm Abrams.
I spent 3 years working around jet airplanes and lost part of my hearing as a result, so I’m not so much into loud, but I can do big: we own a 1994 GMC Suburban C2500. Howzat?
Firearms? Who me? I might have one or two :smiley:

I forgot to mention in earlier posts what I am thankful for:

I am thankful for a loving, funny, and compassionate husband; smart, funny, great kids, family, a warm roof, food to feed us, reliable transportation; great, warm, friends, and of course all of you, who I also count among my friends!

Did I ever mention that I have a niece who went to Purdue? She majored in Psychology. Yep, she went to a school that is most known as an engineering school and majored in Psychology. Then again, I have a master’s degree in counseling from a cow college, so I ain’t exactly got room to talk. :smiley:

Bumba and Bobbio throw in some beer, belches, farts, scratchin’ and arm pit noises and you got a big ol’ man party goin’ on.

taxi, I think QD last bought underwear in grade eleven, which was also when her best friend finally convinced her that Granny Panties (that pull up to just under your breasts) are unacceptable on a 16-year-old.

She just got her Masters. That makes her 25. I think. Anyway, nine years. There was almost pain in her eyes when I told her to buy new stuff. She’s getting at least ten pairs from me for Christmas, and I’m going to go over to her house with scissors and cut up her old stuff. No joke. The most functional pair she has doesn’t have elastic and has big holes.

What? She throws out my stuff. Turnabout’s fair play.
I’ve done the laundry, scrubbed the litterbox, made gingerbread, done the week’s grocery shopping, and I’m making stuffed baked potatoes right now. Mr. Lissar is feeling crappy, and he’s in bed. I’ve promised homemade chocolate pudding, partly because we both bought milk today. That means six bafs of milk. Takes up a lot of space.

I’m doing creamed chicken for dinner.

It’s my fun MRI tonight. Whee.