How I became a sorta Buckeye: a scarlet and gray MMP

I can see the above would also make me an exception to the many and various rules about being a girlie. Power tools and loud motor vehicles exist in FaeWorld (well, we have lots of power tools to play with and although I’ve got a quiet car, I’ve got a loud bike)…never got as far as firearms though.

Oh, and I did spend many happy years playing contact sports until I broke the same elbow for the third time and had to give it up. Wasn’t my fault either, it was the 180lb Amazon who launched herself at me, 100yds from the touchline. How annoyed was I?

Saving money is good…but I can’t imagine wearing undies that have to be safety-pinned. Those safety pins can pop open, and it’s usually at the absolute worst time! :eek: Not to mention falling undies.

swampy, you shoulda known there isn’t much of a career in counseling cows!

Because pumpkin cheesecake is yum-mee!!! So much better than ordinary old pumpkin pie. I was going to make a pumpkin cheesecake this weekend, but I had a big can of sweet potatoes, so I made a sweet potato pie instead (it was good, which was surprising, because I’m not very good at pie).

Howdy folks. Yep, I’m dropping in again. I know I don’t post often enough to be considered a regular, but I still enjoy reading what the **Cool Kids **are up to each week.

Rifty, you’ll be happy to know that today’s pun actually made me laugh out loud. My wife came over to see what I was laughing about. When she read it, we both started laughing.

Since I’m not a football fan, I don’t have much to contribute to that part of the thread. Since I do enjoy turkey dinner, I can at least chime in on the Thanksgiving part of the thread. My plans for Thanksgiving? Work. Yes indeed, I pulled the short straw for the fourth year in a row and will be working on Thanksgiving. The good news is that I will actually have Christmas off this year. While you’re all enjoying your turkey and dressing, raise a fork full in my honor as I heat up my microwave dinner and ensure that there is someone to answer your calls if you have trouble with your internet.


Oh yeah, well, where do you think all those contented cows come from? You think they’re like that all on their own? It takes years of psychotherapy to make those cows content. So There! :stuck_out_tongue:

Skip the beer and it’s just another day at the firehouse. I just stand there and :rolleyes: and say, “You guys are gross.”

BelZhowdy! I often think about you during the summer. See, I’ve become quite reknown as a maker of Knock You Nekkid margaritas. You have made a positive influence on at least one person’s life. Makes ya all proud like and stuff don’t it? :smiley:

Oh, and my Inner Child (the little brat) made me eat the whole frickin’ box of pizza rolls. They were quite tasty. And then I ate a bunch of dark-chocolate-covered pretzels. They were good, too.

< burp >

BookKitty your inner child needs to be spanked and sent to bed without supper. That’ll teach her a lesson!

The stuffed potatoes are tasty. Time to make chocolate pudding.

Mr. Lissar is asleep, poor man. He was feeling fine until he started eating. Can you get sardine poisoning?

I have class tonight, and it’s a practical (ventilation), so I’ll burn it off. I’m having a yogurt and green tea for dinner. I can’t go to class on a full stomach or I’ll barf.
The pizza rolls and pretzels were lunch.

But, yes, my Inner Child can be quite a brat sometimes.

But you know… she might enjoy the spanking. :wink:

I’m bored. I’ve been busy all day, but now it’s 45 min from go-home time. I don’t feel like starting a new big project, and there aren’t small projects to work on. What to do? What to do?

Yup, I think the Dope is the answer.

Happy [url=]Thanksgiving!
Another day at work,at least the Christmas music didn’t start till 11a.m. I have the misfortune of working on Turkey day, so dinner will be a tad late. I’m doing Cornish Hen, Long&wild rice, vegetable(TBD), and cranberry sauce. As for sports rivalries, the Hurricanes biggest nemesis would be the Buffalo Sabres, at least judging by the trolls infesting the Canes’ message board. :rolleyes:

Bookcat, my inner child just wants beer.

FCM, congrats on the cube!

Off to seek food.

Why is my dog playing with a catnip pillow?

I made a pumpkin cheesecake ages ago, but not knowing any different, I used the whip attachement on the KitchenAid mixer.

Pumpkin cheesecake mousse is still delicious.

Current baking escapade is Alton Brown’s fruitcake, or for those that get squeamish at the thought of bright red and green candied cherries, call it a Martha Washington cake. AB’s recipe includes no candied fruits or any other bizarre squishy things. Just a lot of dried cherries, berries, apricots and rum.

I’m thinking I should have put the rum directly into me, rather than use it to macerate the dried fruits. I picked up something far heavier than I should have on Saturday evening, and my back is killing me. Stoopit herniated discs. Maybe I should take my overtime settlement and fly off to Sweden for a spine replacement. grrr… Is there such a thing?

Happy MMP everyone! Very enlightening OP too, GT! I feel compelled to report, though, that I am a UM fan, and enjoyed what was a great game on Saturday, despite the outcome in favor of OSU. :wink: It’s one of the few rivalries that I do get into and what I most like seeing (ooh, I’ll get in trouble with UM fans for this one) is the OSU band when they make the script Ohio and the tuba dots the i. You don’t always get that, though, on the nationally televised games.

I thankful for my family, that we’re all healthy, and that I can finally start to look forward to retirement (I could retire in Sept. 07, but will probably wait a few more years to get my “high three”), and of course very thankful for all the folks in the MMP. :slight_smile:

My weekend was fairly quiet; only foray was to get Turkey day supplies and food. We’re having turkey, a small ham, stuffing (Pepperidge Farms cornbread), sweet potato casserole, a green bean casserole (fresh green beans, folks!), maybe scalloped potatoes, cranberry sauce, yeast rolls, and for dessert a Paula Deen Pumpkin Ooey Gooey Cake as well as an apple pie. Oh yeah, I forgot the lime-pineapple jello salad (a traditional favorite). I think we’ll have enough to eat through Sunday. I hope. :slight_smile:

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Can you tell I’ve been up since 0300?

I’m thankful for good dogs, good beer, good hockey, and good family and friends(meatspace and MMP)

He’s trying to entertain his inner cat?

Hey swampy, don’t feel bad about getting a counseling degree from a cow college; I got a theatre degree from a cow college (University of Vermont). And the creamery (do all cow colleges call their ice cream shops The Creamery?) did have some damn fine ice cream. (Aside - You know what folks in Vermont call soft-serve ice cream? A ‘Creamy,’ as in, “Let’s go to the creamy stand and get a creamy!” I think it sounds dirty.)

Aaaaaand back to the OP (sort of), a friend of mine in college had a great shirt that said ‘UVM Football - Undefeated since 1974.’ 1974 just happened to be the year they disbanded the UVM football team.

I think I just won the award for most parenthesis in a single post. If not, here’s some more: () () ().

Could be, the cat barks and eats Milk-Bones. :dubious:

Cute story, sweetie. Next time you’re there, be a doll and grab me a dozen Magnums, willya?

Don’t forget football and hot babes.