How I die

Reason’s voice a little girl’s quaver,
knowledge of a surety defeats that cry.
Fate does me the kindly favor,
with the heat of the metal wind’s urgent scream, I die.

I awake a sweating enraged creature,
My wife and daughter still sleeping, sigh.
Unknown that reckless errand’s nature,
Just the fact of how, that coming day, I die.

In the monochrome light I smile.
no withered infirm bed’s certainty.
You may lay in it your final mile,
In my dying race, I’m still winning free.

I know winter’s coming, so I gotta ask. Is this going to have anything to do with a snow plow?

Scylla got run over by a reindeer…

I’ll take the switched theme of the previous and go with melancholy: I wrote this a few years ago…
Subtle Night

Subtle Night, words falling on deaf ears,
the ten thousand lost and lonely souls call out
their own names in vain.

Endless night, hot and cold flashes creeping,
sweaty bed, messed up face drenched in snot
and spittle, making slow death.

Tedious night, fumblings in and out of black
buildings, doors creaking on rusty hinges,
foetid maw waiting for victims.

Crazy night, staring wild-eyed across the smoke
desperate coughs, choosing enemies, sticky stool,
shot glass full of bile.

Wretched night, shrieking, wailing lamentation
beaten, bloody fists search for salvation, sobbing
noises fade into darkness.

Vince Gonzales