How in practically 2008 can people still not understand email?

Part the first: a department responsible for administering benefits sent out a mass email requiring individual response from all employees. Leaving aside the stupidity of sending any information related to benefits or compensation in email, how freaking stupid are these people that they haven’t learned by now that you send the mass emails out as BCCs?

Part the second: the responses start rolling in and it’s once again evident that a significant percentage of the workforce does not understand the difference between “Reply” and “Reply to all.” I guess I could kind of understand it if you accessed the two reply options through the same button but they are two completely separate buttons. Do they not understand what “Reply to all” means? Do they really believe that everyone in the company needs to be made aware of their benefit information?

Part the third: I have the same last name and first initial as someone in IT. I am constantly getting project-related emails for this guy from other IT people who apparently just punch in his last name and initial and select from amongst the results at random. They aren’t even seletcing the first name off the list because his name is alphabetically before mine. If the freakin’ IT people can’t work email properly what hope is there?