How is Batman in JLofA between Final Crisis and the Return of Bruce Wayne?

Warning: SPOILERS for anyone who is 4 years behind reading DC Comics.

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After Bruce’s apparent death, Dick Grayson took over. He remained as Batman for a while after Bruce came back, not reverting to being Nightwing until the relaunch.

Justice League of America # 21 takes place right before the beginning of Final Crisis. A few issues into FC, Batman is captured. By the end of FC, he is displaced in time.

But in JLofA #27-30 (and possibly in other issues that I don’t have), Batman is right there with the rest of the gang, even though he doesn’t get back to the normal timeline until much later.

JLofA #32’s rollcall says Batman is deceased. (I don’t have #31.) So are JLofA #22-30 (and maybe 31) all supposed to happen before or during the first few issues of Final Crisis, or is someone else (Dick Greyson, maybe) wearing the Bat-cowl in those issues?

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you, Kamino Neko. But then , why is Batman said to be deceased in issue 32?


Can any of you daytime people give me an answer to my last question from last night? If that was Dick Grayson in the Bat suit in JLA 22-30 (OR 31), why start calling him deceased in #32 (or 31)? If it wasn’t, then should JLA 22-30 (OR 31) be considered to have taken place before most of the events in Final Crisis?


I just went back and checked - that run was more or less running side-by-side with FC, not one of the post-FC runs, like I’d assumed from the initial question.

On a meta-story level, since JLofA was not tying directly into FC, they couldn’t really do anything with what was happening in FC, because it’d be spoilers.

The Batman books in the same period did more or less the same thing.

On an in-universe level - the JLofA stories within that time period were taking place over a matter of days, and spending very little time on the main universe, in the first place (22-26 is mostly dealing with an alternate universe created by Anansi, 27-30 with the combination of the main universe and the Milestone universe), whereas the Final Crisis story was over the course of months, and aside from Superman Beyond and the final moments of the series, anything having to do with the superheroes was taking place within the single main universe.