How is House Music Made?

I heard this great music in a flea market and there was a dj or something playing cd’s and I said give me one that is like this music and he sold me one. But I can’t figure out how it was made. This type of music is by famous dj’s from clubs, but do they make it by the old Pierre Schaeffer Paris Radiodiffusion studio method of musique concrete, ie., cutting and splicing and changing tape speed, playing backwards…?
I note in the house music tape I bought, which is by Larry Lynx, that there is this drumbox sound a lot, and lots of interesting synthesizer effects. Is this kind of music made while the dj is playing actual records and going from one to another or something? There were certain recognizable things on there like the old rock song, “Happy Together,” but in the new hip manner.
Bewildered but Entertained in Chicago
PS I love that steady beat, it is so hypnotic! It is all like dejay vue (pun intended) of the 70’s great disco hits,
the music lives on of Eurodisco. The fewer words the better. And I don’t like rap at all, but sometimes house music puts rap in there. Otherwise it is inventive.