How is "Juri" pronounced?

I would intuitively think it would be pronounced just as it is spelled. However, my friend’s Czech step-father is named “Jiri” and it’s pronounced “Yuji.” So how is “Juri” pronouned then?

What language? I found references to “Juri” in Russian, Estonian, Portuguese, Japanese, Finnish, Spanish, and German in a quick Google.

My instinct would be “YOU-ree.”

Juri as the transliteration of I-OPN (faked Cyrillic, since it doesn’t display for most people, and with the mirror image N that is the “ee” sound in Russian) would be “Yoori” as in the late Col. Gagarin.

Juri as a Czech name is cognate to Jerzy as a Polish name, with a inverted caret over the R, and is, roughly, “Yer-dzhee.” In both cases they are the local rendering of “George.”

I once stayed at a guesthouse in Prague run by a man named Juri…after days of calling him “Yoo-ree”, he informed me that the “J” is pronounced similar to the way an American would pronounce it with the “J” sound rather than a “Y” sound, it sounded similar to “Joo-ree” but the “R” was kind of rolled.

The “J” in Czech is definitely a “Y” sound. Perhaps he Anglicized it or it’s some regional dialect I’m not aware of, but in all Slavic languages I can think of, the “j” is pronounced as a “y.”