How Is Liars Poker Played?

My grandad used to mention car salesmen stand around all day long with dollars in their hands playing liars poker.

I only knew it had something to do with the serial numbers on the dollars.

Anyone know the way the game is played?

There are probably lots of ways to play. Here is the way that I know.

Look at the serial number on your bill and figure out the best poker hand that can be made (excluding flushes). The two players, having determined their best hands, start the game play.

Player 1 makes a claim on what his hand is. He could be understating, telling the truth or overstating.

Player 2 either calls Player 1 or makes a claim on his hand which must be better than Player 1’s claim.

Player 1 then can call Player 2 or make the next claim.

If you are called and show a better hand or the same hand as your claim, you win. If you are called and your hand is not as good as your last claim, you lose.


I agree with this decsription except I’ve always heard it played that it’s the best hand you can make from the combined serial numbers of your and your opponent’s serial numbers.

What OldGuy says above is the key to the game, that you use all the player’s bills “hands” (i.e. serial numbers) when seeing who wins. Also, I’ve always seen it played only allowing a pair, two pair, trips, and four (or 5, 6 etc.) of-a-kind. Straights, Full Houses and Flushes don’t count.

Here’s a site with some rules.

Here’s how my friends and I play.

You go back and forth saying how many of a single number you think exists . You go back and forth raising each other until one of you calls. In other words straights, flushes, and full houses don’t count, after all you’re stating what exists across all bills in play. 1s count as aces, 0s count as tens.

p1: “Pair of tens”
p2: “Three fives”

p1: “Three Sevens”
p2: “Four fives”

P1: “Five fives”
p2: “I call. I only have one five.”

p1: “I have four fives. gimme your dollar!”
P2: “Shit. Oh Well, loser goes first on the next round!”