How is membrillo served?

At the grocery store, I stumbled across a brand new food I’ve never heard of: membrillo. The packaging was profoundly uninformative, but after some Googling I think it’s a quince paste.

How do you eat it? Spread it on bread? It was in the same case as mozzerella and roasted figs. :confused:

We can probably rule out using it on your toothbrush.

yup, it’s quince and you can eat it any way you like, just like everything else. It helps if you are hungry.

I like it with cheese and bread but I am sure there are many other ways. By the way and for those who have not tasted it: it is something like guava paste (which, I do not need to say, is delicious with cheese and bread).

Well, that’s weird as to why they put it near the figs and the mozarrella. Usually here in South Texas they put in the Mexican food specialties.

As far as it is used in mexico, it’s with toasted bread. You can make your own. Here is a recipe in spanish:


Thanks guys! My friends and I like trying different sorts of cheese, so I shall aquire some membrillo for the next tasting.

I’ve used it in a pear tart with almonds. Heaven. We eat on toast, with cream cheese and it can be served with chicken or pork.

::sigh:: when I had a quince tree, I used to make it.