How is this thread still in GQ?

The one asking how husbands can watch wives have Caesarean sections. I’d reported it for forum change, so it’s not like the mods don’t know. Is there a factual question hidden in there that I’m missing?

ETA: Ack. Never mind. I re-read the OP, and clearly there WAS a question hidden in there. Mods please disappear this thread and save me the ignominy.

Too late. I’ll tell everyone.
(A six pack will change that of course).

points and laughs


It’s been delivered. Paternity says it’s your baby now, whether you like it or not.

The factual question at hand is whether that is what actually happens in a C-section. The information provided so far indicates it is not. The basic question is GQ material.

Yeah, and hands off my OP!

Yes, yes, laugh. I’ll recede to the dark corners of my cave and throw my poop at you. Then where will you be huh?

Just another day in the life of a moderator.:smiley:

On the subject, I have a question about a thread in GQ.

Cola with simple sugar?

It’s asking about cola brands with sugar for a sweetener instead of HFCS. I realize it is a question that has specific answers, but aren’t threads about soft drinks usually shifted to Cafe Society? I’m just curious, not complaining, but can one of the GQ mods explain what makes it a better candidate for that forum rather than CS?