How light/heavy a sleeper are you?

How light/heavy a sleeper are you?

Extremely light: almost any noise or disturbance wakes you, even very soft ones.

Light: soft noises/disturbances wake you, like a person walking past your room in shoes or your bedmate shifting position next to you.

Fairly sound: sharp noises or mild disturbances wake you, like someone clapping softly or gently shaking your shoulder.

Sound: sharp noises or disturbances wake you, like a loud clap or a rigorous shoulder shake.

Heavy: only extended sharp and loud noises or disturbances wake you.

Extremely heavy: you don’t wake until you wake; it would take a white-hot needle in the eye to wake you, and possibly not even then.

I’m somewhere between two of the described levels.

It varies depending on _________.

I’m a heavy sleeper in general; alarm clocks not intended for me don’t rouse me, etc. But the sound of a dog about to vomit will get my ass out of bed and downstairs to shoo them out the door in about two seconds flat.

where and how tired i am.

Sound, bordering on heavy.

It varies depending on if its a “normal” sound/event or not. My wife getting up and ready for work is a lot of noise that I just don’t hear and that doesn’t disturb my sleep. But a few nights ago I came wide awake and on high alert and it took me about 5 minutes to narrow down the cause and discount it – it was my neighbors visitor/friend having a toke on his back porch. Weed smell is so foreign to me these days that the hint wafting through a closed-up house was enough to trigger the “this isn’t normal (forgive the pun)” part of my brain.

Extremely heavy. A couple of years ago my neighbor called the police thinking that I was dead. She had knocked on my door expecting me to still be awake, the lights were on but I had gone to bed unusually early.

When the ambulance guys **really ** knocked on the door I got up, to much personal embarrassment.

My default condition is Light Sleeper. I have in recent months been using a sleep mask and ear plugs and do much better.

It varies depending on the time of night. I typically sleep soundly for two to four hours, then lightly after that.

Pretty heavy, generally - once I’m out, I’m out.

Unless Junior squeaks and then I’m instantly awake. Even when he’s just rolling over in his crib.

Stupid evolutionary impulses/maternal instinct/whatever

I would categorize myself as a sound sleeper because outside noises don’t seem to disturb me once I am asleep. But I randomly get woken up by bad dreams, by worries that my alarm clock should have gone off by now, if I need to pee, or when I need to switch the side I’m sleeping on (flip left to right, and back to sleep). I have never in recent memory slept the entire night without waking up. I am reassured by looking at my alarm clock every 2 hours or so, then falling right back to sleep.

This is me. I can sleep through HUGE thunderstorms, but if a kid wakes up coughing or just gets up to go to the bathroom, I’m up.

I always wake up exactly 3 minutes before my alarm goes off, even when it’s set to a different time than usual. And every single time I think at least for a moment that I forget to turn it on then sure enough, I look up and it’s 3 minutes before I set it.

Extremely light, with two exceptions:

  1. When I am very very tired (as in, I’ve missed a night of sleep).
  2. When I am very very drunk.

Depends on the type of noise. I can sleep through the occasional very loud noise with out any real problem but constant noises regardless of how quiet will generally wake me up.

It varies depending on how tired or worked up I am. This week I’ve been having really crappy sleeps even though I’m totally bagged. Maybe a total of 4.5 to 6 hours a night, no matter how tired I am.

Other weeks I’m sleeping a solid 8 every night.

I do that, too (wake up just before the alarm). I can also set myself to wake up at any time without using an alarm.

I get a couple of hours of solid sleep, then I move into quite light sleep where any noise or movement will wake me. Even in my solid sleep phase, things will still wake me, but not as easily.

I went with light, which is how I am most of the time, but there are times when I can be quite heavily asleep. Eventually, though, the sounds of people awake and going about their business in another room will be enough to wake me at least once a night.

I slept through an earthquake that woke everybody else in the house, when I was a teen. I was a very heavy sleeper.

I currently live within earshot of a railroad bridge, a major interstate, and a raceway. I am also under the flight path of the airport. Those noises used to bother me a lot. now that I’ve lived here a while, they don’t.

I am not a heavy sleeper anymore, but I’m not a light sleeper either. I am a medium sleeper.

Extremely light and have been ever since my firstborn arrived in the world 29 years ago. I used to be a good sleeper (not heavy, but sound). His own ‘sleeping’ habits wrecked mine and I never got back to normal. He, however, could now sleep through the final trumpet. There’s no justice.

It varies depending on the noise.

I wake up when my cat sits on the windowsill and asks me to let her in and of course I hear my little son.

But I totally missed it when some jerks stole a couple cars down in the village and had a race up to where I live. My bedroomwindow was open and it goes out towards the street. And one car had lost its exhaust pipe. I never heard anything. My neighbor told me about that race.