How long before a dead animal smells?

Rabbit in a not hot environment in a crawlspace.

1 day? A week?

We can’t catch the guy. It refuses to go into live traps with very good bait.

Know anyone with a ferret?

No. But it’s getting close to that. I’ve traveled to Denver 4 times, 100 miles each way to deal with this. I’ve enlisted a ‘pro’ but don’t know how successful he will be.

The ‘pro’ is going there again tomorrow. I just can’t continue to take my entire day to check the trap. And it’s a bit of a drive…

Good luck! To answer the question in the OP, this pest control site in Des Moines puts the time between death and the start of decomposition odor at about 72 hours.

(I’m impressed with the uncompromising factualist approach of the web content creator who decided to name that webpage file “animalcorpsestench.html”.)

Is the problem that the house is unattended and you want to notice that the rabbit is dead in the trap before it begins to smell?

How about an internet-connected camera pointing at the trap?

Not hot but dry? I think the animal will dessicate and mummiyfy. You will have no smell at all, just a dead dry carcass.

I may be of some assistance in a few days. Sometime last night I caught a rat in a trap. This morning I put it into a plastic bag and tossed it into the garbage, which is in the garage, attached to the house. I thought better of that upon realizing garbage pickup is 1 1/2 week away so I moved it to my outdoor shed. Hopefully I will remember to return it to the garbage for pickup day. The shed can get hot.

Thanks all. I should find out today if the live trap got 'em. If it didn’t, not sure what I’m going to do. I have a professional involved now. We’ll see what he says.

I think it will probably stink a bit first - I had to pull a dead rat out from between the two metal skins of a warehouse wall one time - I reckon it had been dead about 4 or 5 days or so - it smelled pretty bad and was still intact (albeit bloated),

Smaller animals like mice and small birds might dessicate with little to no smell - anything rat size or bigger is going to stink a bit unless it’s in conditions that are both hot and dry

In the future, I’d recommend burying the animal if you can. They can get ripe pretty fast.

Solved the problem with a trip to the dump. I’m rebuilding my deck so had a dump run. I included dead rat.

Well, dead rabbits take about 4-6 (guessing, don’t know when he expired) days before they start to smell. If the guy only went into the live ‘Have a Heart’ trap he would have had food and water and would have been rescued. We did all we could…