How long can a dolphin stay underwater

Without coming up for air?

I know there are many species of dolphins. What’s the range amongst dolphin species? If I have to choose one species, then bottlenose.

I am seeing 3 - 4 minutes for most dolphin species with 7 being the maximum recorded.

Warning: Ugly website but the info matches up with others.

Wikipedia say 5 - 8 minutes for the bottlenose so we know a rough range but the specifics seem to vary a little by source.

My species would be the Orca. They range all over the world. In fact they are the only other mammal with as wide a range as homo sapiens if not more so.

The Orca has been known to hold its breath for 12 minutes.


OK, but aren’t orca’s a species of whales?

Some scientists consider dolphins whales as well although others don’t. There is no way to prove it one way or the other since the lines are man made.

Let’s just say “cetaceans” and make everyone happy.

Perhaps this site will be helpful to you.

“Whale,” “dolphin,” and “porpoise,” are all non-technical terms and have no definite scientific meaning. An orca is basically just a very big dolphin.