How long could you be dead for before someone would find you?

Because I have roomates, I could probably only be gone for a week before they’d start calling family and freinds. If I lived alone, it could be closer to a month.

So how long could you be dead for?

And I mean if you drove your car into a quarry sort of dying here. Not how long before the putrid stench of your decaying body prompts neighbors to call the authorities.

My Mom and I actually discussed this, when she retired . . . We both live alone, and would be devoured by our cats before anyone found us. So we call each other every night: “You still alive?” “Yep. You?”

I have to be at the babysitter’s by 5:30 or they call out the National Guard.

On weekends, if I wasn’t home by 6:00 to dish up the mac and cheese someone would come looking for me.

Either work or my husband would figure out I was gone that day.

It would take my boss a day or two to figure out I wasn’t here, but I don’t know how long she’d fume before getting worried. If I died during the week, I’d say three days before she calls the cops.

If I died on Friday night, or during the weekend, I’d have to wait until the boss got worried the following week. One of the blessings of living alone.

If I didn’t show up for work, then my boss would call home.

If I didn’t come home from work at a reasonable hour, I’m sure Ivylad would start calling the cell phone.

No answer?

Then he might start to panic.

It’s an interesting question for those who live alone…do you have a back up person who could start to worry? I’ve seen Law and Order episodes where the victim is missing a week before anyone notices, and by then the trail is cold…

Between roommate, work, nosey friends, and Mrs. Eater, I would say after 12:00 midnight, they would call the calvery.

Least they friggin better, it’s cold in this alley.

I am virtually never alone. The closest I come to being alone is when my husband is working in the garage. So he’d find me when he came in to make another pot of coffee. I’ll be one fresh corpse!

My dad worries about getting all yucky and being found days later. I asked him if he wanted me to call him every day, but he thought it was a bit excessive.

It would take maybe two days, at the most. Some may think it’s weird, but I usually talk with my parents every day, even for just a few minutes, and they’d definitely be suspicious if they didn’t hear from me in a 24-hour period. My boss would try and track me down if I didn’t show up to work, too. I’d be found sooner rather than later, at least in time to have an open casket.

A couple of months - eventually, the bill collectors would notice I’m gone - but the only reason to search would be to confirm death, so probate could begin.

the other side of a solitary life

Hmm. If I drove off a cliff (which would be hard, living in the Lowcountry :D) it would probably be a while until someone found me.

My roomie is only here on the weekends, and if I didn’t show up, he would just assume that I was with other people.
I talk to my parents every couple of days or so, so they’re right out. They would assume that I wasn’t home.
My best friend and I hang out every weekend, so unless it happened on a Friday, she wouldn’t call my parents/friends until Saturday night.
My boss would get pretty mad, but I don’t think she has my parent’s number, so that’s out.

Of course, if I died at home, there would be only bones left, as the cats practically eat my ankles every night waiting to be fed.

This topic is always relevant, it seems.

Death at home: possibly several weeks. I’m a temp, and my employer would assume I just flaked out, as would the temp agency. I call my mom every week, but she rarely calls me. She’d let a few weeks go by before she worried, and then she’d panic big-time and force the cops to break my door down.

A shorter period before discovery if I was severely depressed before disappearing. When I’m having a bad time, I have a friend who will drive up every couple of days (not calling, since he knows I unplug the phone when I’m blue) to see if I offed myself.

I figure it will work out. The cats will need to be fed, and there my split-open-and-leaking corpse will be. They ought to enjoy my rotting remains - on the catfood manufacturers’ theory that the worse something smells, the better they like it.

Cheese and Crackers, I cannot even go to the bathroom alone, much less die alone. I have 2 wiener dogs that follow me wherever I go, I have 2 kids at home that I homeschool, and the DH calls every 15 minutes.

If I deviate from my usual schedule for over an hour someone (one of my groups, my friends, my work, my boyfriend) will notice.

If its for more than two hours they will call my mother.

An hour later my mother will have convinced the State police (in three states), the National Guard, and the FBI that I need to be found instantly and there will be a manhunt.

Its disgusting. I can’t do anything in secret.

My guess for me it would be about a week depending on if it was a weekend or mid week. I’d have a better chance midweek. Since I want creamation and the biggest drunken party on planet earth the kitties better like me better than fancy feast. :smiley: he he he.

Unfortunately, in this sad case from last week - quite some time.

Isn’t the USPS supposed to tip authorities to people whose mail hasn’t been picked up for a while?

Next meal time or the next time one of the kids wants money. Not more than two hours at the most.

If I failed to show up to work for a few days, someone would start looking for me. I’m pretty sure the mystery would be solved within a week or so.

If I croaked on a Friday night with no social obligations, it might be Monday afternoon before somebody came to look for me. The weekend thing would hold; while I check on my Mom nightly, I often let that slide on weekend nights, and she’s trained for that. My district manager has told me he’ll come looking for me if he thinks it’s gone beyond oversleeping.

My dad died on a Friday night, at home by himself. I was out drinking with my cousin. I didn’t find out until late Saturday when my stepmom called from the airport to ask me to check on him because he was two hours late to pick her up.