How long did these idiots think their master plan was going to keep working?

From the Washington Post

The absolutely amazing thing is that no one ratted them out. It was a software program catching the cash shortfall that caught them. I’m just amazed that they thought this was going to go undetected. Is the DC Government really that screwed up operationally?

People who refuse to properly understand how computers operate will long regard them as being smarter than they are.

I bet there are lot of people nervously waiting to see whether they’re going to be in more trouble than having to pay the original ticket.

Several years ago I heard they decided to do an audit on the parking garages at O’Hare airport in Chicago. Suddenly they realized they were collecting twice as much toll money as they had in the past. I don’t believe anyone was every prosecuted for that “skim” that lasted many years. Gotta love it, sweet home Chicago.