How long did you have to wait to vote?

I went to the polls here in Michigan a little before 8, and I waited about an hour and 10 minutes. My husband just called and told me he waited about an hour and a half mid-morning, which is usually a slow time. I have never waited more than 20 minutes or so to vote, and I usually go at peak times after 5. It looks like a big turnout.

How is it looking where you are?

About twenty minutes. I went about 8:30.

As posted in another thread, 3 hours, 20 minutes.

I waited in line for about 45 seconds. Total time to vote, including the walk to my polling place, took about 10 minutes.

I went to Town Hall at maybe 8:45, and there were three people in line. Start to finish was less than ten minutes.

I haven’t voted yet, but my neighbors said they waited for 50 minutes. They got there right when the polls opened.

I might just bring a book to the polls tonight.

Two hours. I got there at 7 when they opened and there were about a hundred people there first; I was fifteen minutes late to work.

I voted in the first week of early voting (couple weeks or so ago) here in Florida and ended up waiting an hour and a half. I’m about to head to the store, which is near my precinct polling place, so I’ll swing by and check out the lines and give a report. I’m in Hillsborough County, Florida, which contains Tampa, some unincorporated areas and a few other towns.

I took my ballot to the post office Thursday, put a 43 cent stamp on it and dropped it through a slot. Saturday, I confirmed online that it had been processed. (Of course, “processed” could mean “shredded,” but I prefer to think otherwise.)

I voted the 3rd day of early voting, 4:00 in the afternoon, and waited for all of 2 minutes.

Normally, it takes me 15 minutes to leave the house, vote and return. Today, I waited in line for 55 minutes.

One minute for the guy in front of me to get his name checked off

A little over an hour, but that was last Sunday and it was the first day at the only Early Vote location for the county, so not too bad overall.

I was the only one there. If everyone in the precinct showed up at once they might have a 10 minute wait.

I got there at about 20 minutes after the polls opened and waited about 20 minutes. I’m glad I didn’t go later. It’s pouring down rain here now.

About ten minutes after the polls had opened. Auntie Em and I had dropped by twice in the week for early voting, but the lines wrapped around the building, and we didn’t want to wait with an 8 month-old in tow. So, the 6:00 vote this morning worked out much better.

I went at 7:45 AM and waited for 2 hours and 15 minutes in suburban Georgia.

45 minutes to get my ballot, 15 minutes to use a booth. I got there 15 minutes after the polls opened.

8 minutes.

Went right at 7 AM in my Boston suburb and waited about 5 minutes. I was number 26 in line!