How long do you keep a phone number?

I recently lost my best friend in Afghanistan a few months and for some reason I got a text from him number yesterday (it’s a long, ranty story not suitable for this forum) and then I started thinking when, if ever, am I going to delete his name? I’m already getting sad watching his name go down the list of “frequently called.”

I honestly don’t think I’m ever going to delete it, and I’m ok with that. But, I’m wondering what other Doper’s thresholds are. Are they like me and will probably save it forever if possible, or after a year erase it for their own closure? There’s no wrong answers, I’m just curious.
If I call the number I still get the voicemail, so I have to force myself not to call it.

My oldest sister died over 20 years ago. I still have her last phone number and address. Kinda silly, in a sense, as I’m sure they’re both now used by someone else, but nonetheless, I keep them.

Wouldn’t do that for an acquaintance, but certainly for a loved one.

Okay, I really should have read the thread first, I thought you meant “how long do you keep your phone number” as in “I’ve had my phone number for 5+ years”

In this case, I’ve never had to deal with it.
My grandmother (who’s number I never had in my phone) died about 5 years ago. My dad deleted it that day (figuring if he didn’t do it then, he wouldn’t be able to), my aunt still has it in her phone.

I don’t have an electronic phone number list. I probably wouldn’t bother scratching it out of my paper phone number list, though.

I would probably keep it for a while, but after a couple of years, I think I would probably get a new phone and clean out my phone list then. I always do that every time I get a new phone and that’s usually every couple of years.

I keep them a few months, then delete them as a way to move on.

I would erase it as soon as it was no longer needed.

I don’t store numbers in my cellphone and my landline can’t. But I have numbers in my phonebook from people dead 10+ years and people in my IM list from 5+ years gone. On the phonebook, I even did it in pencil back when I started it so I could erase and re-use that space but I’ve just never been able to sit down and actually do it.

^this I’m unclear what kind of masochist would keep the # in their phone. IMO, JUST seeing the # would depress me.

Same here. Wireless carriers typically only give numbers a 90-day cooling off period once the account or line is disconnected. Someone else will be using it quite soon.

Wouldn’t it be weird to get a call from that someone if you’re one of these people that don’t delete the number. Weirder still if you know the person calling.

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I got a text from the number on Friday (which is what gave me the idea for starting this thread). It right freaked me the fuck out, it did, to see his name pop up on my messages screen.

One of his family has his phone and sent me a text that said: I’m watching over you -friend.

I don’t know who the fuck thought they were being cute, they weren’t. I’m just glad it was sent to me and not my wife or his girlfriend. They probably would have started crying. I was just pissed.

George Carlin says 6 weeks.

WOW. What world are they living that that’s not inappropriate?

I really have no clue. I was explicitly forbidden by my wife to respond.