How long do you work?

How long do you work? Do you think it’s too much? Would you work more if you needed to?

I worked 15 hours today. It’s usually 12-13, but today was extra long. I’m happy. I’m not even that tired (but it is hard waking up in the mornings). I’m happy with the way things are going except that I have no life. No, I can’t work less. I’m always behind on work as it is.

Am I working freakishly long hours? I can’t remember the last time I worked less than 12. Please, some input. I do heavy construction. My boss says I should work less, but when I look at my fellow engineers they all work about the same. I’ve only been at it for two months - am I going to burn myself out? Or is it normal for some people (I realize not everyone can work like this). I honestly never thought myself capable; in my last job I used to think a 7-hour workday was long! I guess it depends on how much you like your job, huh?

Do you like your job?
Do you still date?
Do you enjoy your leisure time?

If you can answer yes to all three then you have found a job most would be envious of. If not, we need to talk further.

SSG Schwartz

I work 50 hrs./wk.; generally five 10hr. shifts, but occasionally I’m required to work open to close, which is 13-14 hours. I also have to put in longer days and more hours during the Xmas season, or when someone calls in sick, or when we are expecting a corporate “visit” :rolleyes: . I’m not in love with my job by any means, but I do pride myself on having a smooth running, organized store, so the extra hours don’t bother me too much.
Retail management(salaried).

I think if you’re happy with the way things are going, and you really don’t think you’re overdoing it(for instance, do you spend all your off time sleeping?) then there’s no real need for you to change anything. The only downside I see is that if you become known as the person who puts in all the extra time, and you eventually begin working more “normal” hours, it might be seen as you suddenly slacking off. Fair? Of course not, but something to think about.

Some days the 12 and a half hour shift is too long—by hour 10, the critical thinking skills are decidedly mushy. Other days, it’s just what we do. Some days are more physically demanding, some more emotionally demanding.
Cyn, RN

I am on maternity leave right now, but as a lawyer my normal working hours are 9:30am through till about 7:30pm when its not too busy, or till 10pm or later (sometimes 1 or 2am) when we are closing a deal. Transactional work sucks like that!

I’m self employed, so I work on ‘work’ stuffs at odd hours throughout the day. OTOH I also do housework and errands … my typical day is from 10 am to 10 pm including household matters (grocery shopping, bill paying, balancing of 3 checkbooks included). I have found a happy balance. Part of making that work is working weekends, but since I do that at home it’s quite a good fit for me. Probably I work 40 hours a week on ‘work’ stuffs and the rest on ‘household’ stuffs.

I agree with upthread opinions. As long as your’e enjoying it, and it doesn’t cut into your leisure time, do it while you’re young and can handle it. Plus you are learning invaluable things job-site which can not be duplicated in the office. I’m a civil engineer, and I can’t tell you how many times I had to convince a young engineer (strictly office-based) that ‘that won’t work in the field’. Field experience is worth gold.

You’ve only been at it for two months. Do you think that once you get more experience doing it you’ll become better and more efficient and then you can do the same amount of work in less time?
If that’s the case, stick with it. New jobs always have that initial “bust your ass” phase.

My “official” time is 9 am to 6 pm, with an hour off for lunch. I usually clock in around 8:45 and work until 7, unless something comes up and I stay later. I average a little under 50 hours a week, sometimes more.

Sometimes I’m happy coming off a 10-hour day; there’s a kind of muzzy good-natured feeling knowing that I’ve actually accomplished some real progress towards a goal. Other days tend to start draaaaagging around 3 pm.

It definitely cuts into my leisure time, as the time I spend at home tends to be dozing in the computer chair or reading. I don’t really date anyway, so it’s not exactly putting a crimp in my social life, though I do go out on the occasional Friday or weekend. I’ve worked weekends, but there’d better be a damn good reason to make me come in, and even then I dress to let people know that it’s my weekend and they’re depriving me of it (sandals, shorts, unshaven, Hawaiian shirt).

Are you guys including travel time? I don’t like to work more than 10 hours a day excluding travel, but I try to keep it to between 8 and 8 and a half hours. I believe in and quality of work done rather than pure hours at the workplace.

I work about 8.5 hours a day, plus 2+ hours commuting, during which time I’m often thinking about work. Throw in lunch, and I’m gone damn close to 12 hours a day, which seems like more than enough.

I usually only work 8 hours. An hour to and an hour home and an hour for lunch and it takes about 11 hours out of my day.

If I need to, I work more. But right now I don’t need to too often.

Depends. There are days I do the strict minimum (7.5 hours, a little lunch time and 30 minutes travel). There are days when I start at seven a.m. don’t leave work till two a.m. If you love what you do and are very well compensated (so you don’t have to do it for forty years) 12 hours is doable. Unfortunately, I hate my job. And the pay, while pretty good, is nothing to get excited about.

I’m usually on the 8 to 5 with an hour lunch schedule. Sometimes I work a little late, sometimes I have to skip lunch, but for the most part I’m able to stick to that schedule without issue. If I had to work 12-13 hours a day for an extended period of time, I would definitely get burnt out (in fact, I’ve done it and I did get burnt out), but that’s just me and the work that I do.

Speaking of, it’s 8:05, so I should get to work!

work 8.5

travel 1.5

I wouldn’t want to work anymore. I enjoy the rest of life too much. . .exercise, cooking, leisure, etc.

8:00 - 4:30 with an hour for lunch.

Of course, during crunch periods those can get extended (I was here until 6:30 last night). For Planning Commission meetings it isn’t unheard of to be here until 10:00 or later (11:45 last month).

I do get comp time (hour for hour) for anything worked over 40 hours per week. I took a week’s vacation last week and it came out of comp time, not annual leave (which I haven’t touched in years).

My travel time is only 30 minutes round trip, and I only put in 7 hours a day, but it’s 6 days (often 7) a week.

I usually work 7:30-4:00, but I do that knowing full well that I have an extra hour at the end of the day should I need to take care of some extra business. Some days involve a lot of work travel, so the occasional 12 hour day is par for the course.
I have the exact same comp time set up. I love it; it really takes the perceived burden of working extra hours off the table, knowing that you get that time back at your own schedule. I too have taken almost all my vacations using comp time, and have been banking my “real” vacation time.

I’ve worked in both the retail world and the rat-race office world.

The retail management world was 10 hour shifts with hour lunches 5 days a week so you automatically were at 45 hours right there. Include also manager meetings, district meetings, and all-store meetings that may or may not occur during your scheduled time and add on 3-4 more hours per week. And during holidays (thanksgiving thru year end) you worked 6 day weeks.
And I was consistantly busy with my own work, employee issues, and customer issues.

Compare to higher paying rat-race world. Never come in earlier than 8. Never leave later than 5. Hour lunch. No weekends. Meetings always fall during your shift. Leaving early on Fridays is not uncommon. And definately higher pay.

I’ve had two office jobs like this with similar hours.

I work about 6.5 hours and travel about 20 min each way. And I still wish I had more free time, if I won the lottery I definitely wouldn’t work.

I worked an hour in January, and 2 hours in April. I’m schedualed to work maybe 2 hours this coming Thursday.

I need a vacation.