How long does a swallowed goldfish live?

I was watching “Jackass” on TV and guy swallows a live goldfish, then spends a couple of minutes sticking his finger down his throat & drinking water until he finally regurgitates the slightly dazed but alive goldfish.

How long would the fish live in his stomach if he didn’t throw it back up? What would eventually kill it, stomach acid?


I saw that episode, too. At least that part of it. And I should note that, while the goldfish seemed to be alive at least initially after he threw it up, there WAS an edit before they shoed it swimming around in it’s bowl, again. So there’s no telling if it escaped uninjured.

As for how long it would live swallowed, the three main factors I could see affecting it would be the aforementioned stomach acid, temperature (How well would a goldfish fare at 98.6 degrees?), and suffocation (Drowning?) from being deprived of unoxygenated water.