How long does it take drugs to get out of your system?

Thanks for the reply to my North Pole question. Now I have a question a little more dear to my heart. How long do drugs linger in your system? I need to know because it will have been 32 days since I smoked weed (three very small bong hits)and just as long since I did a line of coke. Will I be able to pass both a urine and/or blood test, or am I screwed?

Working in a prison drug tests and how to cheat them is a big issue around here.

First cannabis - this can stay in your system and be detectable in urine for around 28 days but the kicker is that some components are soluble in fat so that if you smoke a lot and lay off for a while it may be detectable in your bloodstream if you try to lose weight thus calling on your reserves of fat.
Prisoners who think they are going to be tested will drink loads of water to dilute any potential positive test but then the control indicator will not be activated.

Blood testing for drugs is rarely done in work related testing.

Heroin is detectable in urine for at most three days, same with cocaine.

Ecstasy can be shown up as a deficiency in seratonin but it isn’t conclusive because there are other possible causes. I can’t remember how long it stays detectable in its own right.

all you ever wanted to know about drug testing

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