How Long Does it Take For a Samsung MP3 Player to Charge on my Computer USB Port?

New here HI. I just bought a samsung 512mb USB player form Bestbuy. How long does it take to charge on my USB port? Also does it get a bad battery memory if I unplug to soon. I am ready to jam. Thanks.

Bump come on somebody has got to know this. Also what is the “hold” button for?

Samsung makes a number of mp3 players they probably take different amounts of time to charge. The hold button on other MP3 players is to prevent the device from turning on by accidental button press when you put the thing in your pocket or bag.

That’s a really strange question to ask here. Why not look in the manual or call the manufacturer?

And the “hold” button probably just locks down all the other buttons so they can’t be accidentally pushed while the player’s in your pocket.