How long does it take for a wasp to starve to death?

Mangetout, that was hilarious. Sounds like an I Love Lucy episode or something.

A very active wasp was in my living room last night in the window. I shut the window to trap it between the window and screen. It buzzed around for a long time then hung at the top of the screen. This morning, it was on the bottom of the sill, not as active, but it was cool last night and early this morning. He wasn’t flying, but he was crawling around. By 9 AM he had stopped crawling, by 10:30 AM he was dead. Don’t know if the overnight chill or lack of food is what did it, but it was trapped about 14 hours before it died.

…as you know from personal experience, having tried them at least once.

Silly, I know, but I have noticed that bees can get small enough to gain access to a thread…

So is the wasp dead yet?

Zombies turn up occasionally, too.