How Long Does It Take Smoke Smell to Dissipate?

I know it depends on many variables. I’m looking for a general estimate. My house suffered a small fire–little damage from the fire, but the smoke permeated everything on main floor and basement.

The facts:

Object that burned: flannel-and-buckwheat hand/foot warmer. (Cousin made it. She said 2-3 mins. in microwave. It burned. May have had flame-retardant in cloth. INCREDIBLE amount of smoke.)

Only 2 small windows have screens, so airing it out is slow.

Carpet has been professionally cleaned. Company also did a thermal fogging. Now using ozone machine lent by company–but only when I’m not home.

People keep telling me the smoke smell in upholstered furniture (which restoration company “hit” with deodorizer while doing floors–no charge) will eventually dissipate. How long are we talking? Months? Years? I can’t afford to have it professionally cleaned ($200 on top of the $500 spent for carpet, fogging.) How likely is it the smoke smell will NEVER fully leave?

I’m also told the ozone will “eventually” take smoke smell out of walls, etc. (Kitchen has been repainted since fire, 10 days ago.) Again, am I looking at weeks? Months? Years? I hate to keep using something that’s potentially toxic.

Any information appreciated.

Not sure if this is much help, but when I was in Junior High, one classroom burned during the summer. For the entire next school year, the smell of burned plastic permeated that hallway.