how long is a graduation gown supposed to be?

So I’m graduating from college on Saturday! Woo hoo, finally! I just got my cap and gown today, and I think my gown might be too short. It comes to about mid-calf, and I’ll be wearing heels. Should it be longer? I can get a different length if I need to.

No, I think that’s right. I’m graduating on the 15 ( :eek: ) and mine is mid-calf length, I’m pretty sure.

Oh, and congrats!

Just so long as it covers the naughty bits. :wink:
Seriously though mid-calf sounds about right. Longer gowns can be treacherous if you have to climb stairs at the ceremony.

Mid-calf for females. Men should wear theirs just above the ankle. At least that is what the guy from the gown supplier tells our high school kids.

thanks for the replies! I didn’t want to look like an ass at my own graduation. Also, this saves me the hassle of going to get a longer one. :slight_smile:

Congrats! My brother is also graduating college this week. I’m trying to get him to register, but that big Mech. Engineer money hasn’t come in yet, so he’s broke (and there’s no way I’m lending him $5! Screw that!).

I work for a college bookstore.

We tell everyone who buys a gown that it should hit halfway between your ankle and your knee.