How long is a prescription valid?

I’m looking to get new glasses and was curious if I would be able to get the eye exam this month and the glasses next month. How long is a prescription usually valid?


The prescription should be good for 2 years, but some places may not want to do it if it’s over 1 year old.

That’s a lot longer than I was expecting. Thanks!!

It actually depends partly on the doctor and partly on laws in your state. When I was an optician the optometrists usually had one year for children and two for adults. Most of the ophthalmologists had no expiration dates on their adult prescriptions, and we had regular patients who had been wearing the same prescription for years.

I had no idea there were states where eyeglass prescriptions could expire. At least half the times I’ve gotten new lenses in my adult life they’ve just taken my old pair, zapped them with something to get the prescription from them, and made new lenses based on that. Thanks, I learned something new today which is always a good thing.

Doesn’t your eyesight change enough between exams to require a new prescription? Sounds to me like you are wasting money getting the same prescription all the time.