how long is a tour? (military question)

I frequently hear this term used. Something along the lines of – “I did two tours in 'Nam.” Well, what is a tour, and how long do they last?

When I was in the Army, a tour was a year, but that was in '61-'63. I was in Korea for one year, but no actual hostilities. It may have been less for Nam considering the environment.

Nope, it was a year there too.

A Tour is a Tour…

“Tour” refers to an assignment, which is as long as it is.

Tours in Viet Nam were usually one year, while a tour on a ship could be several years, and a tour in Antartica could be 6 months, and my tour of Recruiting duty was 3 1/2 years, but my tour at SUDEVGRU ONE was 1/2 years. A buddy did one tour that lasted 9 years at CRUITCOM…

Get the idea…?