How long is fat stored in the body?

Assuming a moderate level of exercise, how long is fat stored in the body, on average, from the time you consume it to the time you burn it off?

Fat can also be stored thru any excessive calories, not just fats. Fats can be stored in the adipose tissue as triglycerides, used in hormone production, and used by phospolipids, which are in the cell membranes. Fat can also be stored intramuscularly and to protect vital organs.

Now, assuming you mean adipose tissue, fat is stored in fat cells. Fat cells can only hold so much fat. Any excess fat must be stored in newly created fat cells, which are not easily removed. When you lose weight by dieting and exercise, the amount of fat in the fat cells is reduced.

I’m not positive the question is meaningful as stated.

After a certain base amount fat only gets stored if it is not being burned up.

If you’re exercising so regularly that you use up all the calories you take in, then there is no storage involved.

Once you have fat stored there would be no distinction in how the body handles in. No last in, first out type of accounting so to speak. The body does tend to assign certain storage areas to fat cells - stomach, thighs, the usual suspects - so any need to use stored energy would tap these resources first, but that would depend entirely on when the need arose.

OK, then, what is the longest that any particular fat molecule can remain in the body?

Till death, I assume.