How long is fresh meat good for using in Galvanism experiments?

…as in “shocking them so the muscles move”?

Obviously, I’m talking about freshly slaughtered livestock meat, here. Like from a cow or a pig. I don’t even have a baseline of how long the meat in the classic frog’s legs experiment lasted as a baseline, even assuming it’d be a good comparison.

And don’t worry—I do have an experiment in mind, but it’s nothing I’m in any hurry to do. And it’s not something I’d do to anything that wasn’t bound for a barbeque, anyway.

(There. It took me a good five minutes to edit that question for creepiness and double-negatives. I’m still not sure they’re within acceptable levels.)

I’m guessing a matter of minutes because the cells will start to die after some time without blood flow, but it may take several hours depending on conditions, probably longer for frog legs than mammal muscles (due to metabolism and temperature). If the onset of rigor mortis is any indication, then it would be several hours (simulating the muscles would deplete ATP faster).