How Long Should a Scanner Last?

My business has been using the same Epson GT-S50 scanner for 2 years now and in that time about 60 thousand pages have been scanned.

The scanner isn’t what it used to be, it jams more frequently and when it scans, there are often black lines on the image. Is it worth fixing? Or is it time to get a new scanner? We’ve already installed a new roller kit.

If you’ve got 60,000 scans off in two years, and a new one can be had for $350, I’d call it a fully depreciated asset.

It may be simply that the take-up rollers are getting worn. Usually there’s rubber wheels of a certain consistency to grab one page and not grab more than one. With overuse, the rubber may be slicked and smooth and not grabbing the paper properly.

OTOH. given (a) cost of labour and (b) lack of spare parts in our throwaway culture - it may be cheaper in the long run to replace the unit than to spend almost as much to have a used unit almost ready for the next breakdown. Keep it as a backup spare for a while, maybe.