How long should food poisoning nausea last? I'm geting concerned.

I’m assuming it’s food poisoning. I drank a frozen coffee concoction Sunday night I had made a few days before and started feeling queasy shortly afterward. I never actually threw up, but I came close. My energy is way down and I find it difficult to eat, which for me is like a fish finding it difficult to swim. My urine was orangish the first two days but is getting back to a more normal color now.

In the past I always thought food poisoning was something you got over relatively quickly, at least I did the few times it ever happened in my life, but this is hanging out now 4 days and I’m still queasy, and I have a weird taste in my mouth. It’s starting to worry me. I think I’m getting better but the nausea comes and goes.

I’m 57, Does food poisoning recovery take longer as you get older? Can the effect last 4-5 days after the fact of poisoning?

When I get a bladder infection or UTI, my first symptoms are nausea without vomiting, and fatigue. I have interstitial cystitis, so I get a lot of bladder infections. I have chronic urinary frequency and sudden urgency, so I wouldn’t notice if that were a UTI/bladder infection symptom (I take Detrol, which helps a lot, but it reduces symptoms by about 75%-- doesn’t eliminate them). Anyway, I don’t get burning unless I’ve let an infection go for 8 or 9 days, which rarely happens.

Since your urine was discolored, I’m going to suggest that you get checked for a UTI.

If this is what you have, the fatigue will clear up within hours of your first dose of an antibiotic-- or, at least it does for me-- and your doctor can give you something for the nausea.

You can get over a UTI without treatment, but there is a danger it can move to your kidneys, and you can be symptom-free for several days, then suddenly have vomiting and terrible pain in your back radiating down your legs. Kidney infections really, really suck, and take a long time to go away (I suppose YMMV, but I was young and very healthy when I got one, so I had the best possible prognosis).

Good luck.

Depends on what you get sick with. Most things resolve pretty quickly, but if you somehow end up with something like giardiasis, you can easily be sick for a week.

Its probably worth popping in to the doctors.

I blamed “food poisoning” for each episode of vomiting I had, until eventually things got super-bad and I ended up in the ICU, then surgery for cholecystectomy.

I blamed GERD for the chest pain episodes I was having last year. Maalox didn’t help, and the pain episodes got worse and more frequent. I eventually found out the episodes were unstable angina and the worst episode was a “minor” heart attack.

I think you should see your doctor.:wink:

I would see a Dr. quickly. It may be nothing but bladder infections can be dangerous. I have too many bad examples of people that waited too long.

Vomiting is not as common as people tend to believe from spoiled food, and then usually soon after consumption. Of course you could have been poisoned by all sorts of substances that would have different symptoms.

It’s been 4 days already, why didn’t you see a doctor yesterday?

And please report back.