How long should it take me to get to sleep at night?

It takes me at least half an hour. It takes my mom and my friend Brie at least an hour. My dad can fall asleep the second his head hits the pillow. I heard the average person falls asleep in seven minutes.

How long should it take for me to get to sleep? Is 7 minutes normal? Or are me, my mom, and Brie closer to normal?

So many factors are involved that no clear answer can be given. You didn’t give any pertinent info. What time do you go to bed? How many hours of sleep do you get? What were your activities before you went to bed? Too much excitement or exercise will delay sleep. (Paradoxically, too much exercise right before going to bed will hinder, not foster, sleep.)

What is important is how much sleep you get. You should get a minimum of six hours, but everybody is different.

Barbitu8 is right, as usual.

Often in medical school we are told of “red flags” rather than averages. For example, many babies have started teething by one year, but one year olds who have not started teething are not rare nor is it a concern at this point. A two year old who has not started teething is a concern.

As for sleep, if you go to bed when tired and fall asleep within half an hour, this is certainly not a problem. I seem to recall this is fairly close to average. But if it tskes you longer and you are not awaking refreshed, then consider:

  • cutting down on caffiene after 6pm
  • going to bed only when tired
  • do not read in bed (only for sleep and sex)
  • warm bath or warm drink before bed
  • avoiding afternoon naps
  • getting up if unable to fall asleep after 45 minutes until more tired

Now if the hour you are spending getting to sleep is not unpleasant, don’t worry. Nothing wrong with an hour to get to sleep.
I used to have trouble getting to sleep. Now I fall asleep in a few seconds, at least as reported by my bed mates.

I have a little ritual:
I go to the bathroom, then drink a whole glass of water. I get in bed, get into a comfy position, close my eyes and fall asleep.

I used to hate going to bed. I would worry. I got in bed and worried about horrible things, or thought over my day and thought about how terrible I did at whatever I had done. I worried about getting to sleep. Finally I decided that I needed to do something. I started listening to music, played softly. Something I liked that was restful and had lyrics I could think about. Using the same music every night helped. It became comfortable.
I stopped the music when hubby moved in. At first we just kinda passed out from exhaustion a lot :smiley:

Now, if I don’t fall asleep immediately, I find thinking about something pleasant, something I would want to happen, a fantasy, non-sexual or I’ll just end up needing to masturbate. It really took disipline to learn not to worry at night. The music helped, but learning not to make myself unhappy was not easy.

It takes me usually 3 hours to get sleep, and has so ever since I was about 8 years old. My body clock, for whatever reason, is adjusted more closely to a 30 hour “day” than it is to a 24 hour one. I went to the doctor and got some sleeping pills, which had no effect whatsoever, so I went back and got him to prescribe me the strongest stuff he had.

I took 3 times the recommended dose, and still it had no effect.

So I continue to lie awake for around 3 hours each night, and struggling like hell to get up the following morning as a result of lack of sleep.

You’re worried that it takes you half an hour?

You ain’t got nothing to worry about.

I pretty much echo what Beastal says. My body runs on a much longer then 24 hour clock. :frowning:

I normally spend 3-3.5 hours TRYING to get to sleep.

I’ve tried getting up when I can’t sleep but then I end up never going to bed because I get sidetracked with something… then crash hard around 11am-1pm.
^ is quite interesting.
Well I’m off to hit the hay :o

Dr. Paprika:

You’re amazing; to wit-

Do not read in bed(only for sleep and sex)

It must be great to have x-ray vision and be able to read while asleep and to read while having sex would take powers of concentration that I can only dimly imagine. My hat is off to you, sir. Do you have to master these techniques in order to become a doctor?

Well, it wasn’t easy. It took the same dedication that George Constanza used to reach the holy tinity of sex, sandwich and TV. But any med student can tell you about reading during sleep.


Just wanted to see my name after yours.

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Anyway, it takes me 45-60 min. Don’t know why; it’s always been that way.

does he? yum yum. [and how do you know he’s a he? :wink: ]