How Long to Fly From New York to Havana, c. 1950

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When Sky took Miss Sarah to Havana, how long would the flight have taken in whatever aircraft they’d have used for such a flight, c. 1950?

DC-6B or Lockheed 1049G were pretty close in cruise speed. 311 - 340

NYC to HAV = 1300 miles or so at say about 325 = 4 hours or so. Probably from ‘get on plane’ to ‘get off plane’ was very close to 5 hours.

Never got to fly that route so I have no actual experience of that. Just a EWAG.

It’s about 1,300 miles from New York to Havana. A DC-3 cruises at 207 mph. This page says the range is 2,125 miles, but it doesn’t say if that’s at cruise speed or (slower) endurance cruising speed. Assuming no fuel stops, and ignoring winds, about 6½ hours in a DC-3.

What kind of plane did they use?


No TSA to slow you down at the terminal, either, and Customs was somewhat cursory in those days.