How long to keep to the same stupid issue?

Usually, when one is in a thread, and is challenged on a point made, a response is given. Now, however, Bricker is acting as if nothing has been answered in regards to gay marriage, ever, and is stating the same old reasons. What to do? Repeat5 the exact same arguments as before, or not pay attention? In another thread, andros is asking why journalists need to tell the truth, rather then be feed propaganda. I feel like [del]throwing a civics textbook at him[/del], the question needs no answer, besides handing him a high school civics book. What to do, what to do?

P.S. This might seem like a profanity-less pitting, but really, it is a question of what to do as a member of this board.

Anyone else upset with this issue? Take it to the pit, rather then offer sympathy, please. I want this where I can get a factual answer “About [del]this[/del] Message Board” behavior

If you feel you’ve made your point and the argument has reduced itself to circular dead-horse flogging, why not just stop posting in that thread?

Good idea. So far, I have asked a similar question in the thread, then preceded to reply to another poster, on a diffrent issue.

No, it’s a pitting, and a damned weak one at that. What you do as a member of the Board is to either actually answer questions without handwaving ans saying “it’s all been done, look it up,” or ignore the people you find uncomfortable.

If you’d like to insult me further, please take it to the Pit.

It didn’t work in MPSIMS, and it won’t work here. Take it to the Pit, or quit fretting. Geez, Scott Plaid, you come across as a serious whiner.

It seems that way because that’s what it is. Must we hear your bitching in every forum?

This ain’t a technical issue about this Message Board. This isn’t an issue that can be answered one way or t’other. Hence, off to the Pit.