How long to people stay "registered" if they don't post?

Not that it really matters, but my screen name was not my first choice.(waa for me)

I wanted to be “DogBoy”, but it was taken.
Then I thought “Ed Zotti (administrator)” would be cool. Also taken.

Now I don’t begrudge anyone their rightful name, but it got me thinking…If someone doesn’t post for a real long time, I mean a REAL LONG time, do they get “un-registered”?

  • Also -
    Are some screen names “retired” like ball-players’ uniform numbers?

Welcome, Rue DeDay! No, usernames never expire. The only way they become inactive is if someone misbehaves and we ban them, or someone (for reasons of their own) asks us to remove their posting privelidges, and even then, the name stays in the database. If names started getting recycled, it could get very confusing:

Joe: Hi, Bob, I haven’t seen you around in forever!
Bob: What do you mean? You’ve never seen me, have you?
Joe: You mean you’re not the same Bob who used to post here two years ago?

Et cetera.

Oh, by the way, I imagine that you were just kidding, but it’s a good thing you weren’t able to get the name “Ed Zotti” or some close variant. We take deliberate impersonation very seriously, especially when it’s impersonation of a staff member.

Actually, when I read your name in a different thread, I really liked it. Stick with it for a while; it may grow on you. Like warts.

It reminds me of Stewie on “Family Guy” when he said, “You’ll rue the day you crossed me. [or something like that] Go ahead, start rue-ing!”

Yes I was kidding. I would never, NEVER, want to be confused for anyone already established on the message board. That would be (at the very least) rude. And tacky. Like I don’t already have enough tack in my life.

Holden MacRoyne-
Yes the name does come from cartoon references, but not specifically “Family Guy”. Just a general Warner Bros. feel to it. Just because it wasn’t my first choice doesn’t make it less good. “Spritle” was a darned good name too.

Actually, I don’t think that “Ed Zotti (administrator)” is taken.

“Ed Zotti (administrator)” probably wasn’t taken but damn I wouldn’t wanna type that in everytime I wanna post something.

I’m sure there’s millions of usernames with the word Zotti in them that are still available. Doesn’t mean anyone should try and register one, though.