How long will a thread stay open after the last post?

I didn’t see this in any of the FAQs. Is there a time frame for a thread to be closed if it isn’t being added to for awhile?

Threads will sink from the front page and die after the last post is made to them, if no further posts are made to the topic within the “three month” guideline depending on the forum the thread is in. Sometimes, a person will “ressurect” a dead topic, and those are called zombie threads and the moderators do close those if they spring to unlife.

Threads are only closed by moderator action, they don’t close automatically. They get stale and the general rule here is don’t post to a very old thread, but they’re not closed unless someone revives them.

Thanks for the quick response!

This is not always the case. Whether a resurrected thread is closed depends in part on the forum and the rules therein, the content of the tread and the nature of the new post.

Yes, and that is why I said “depending on the forum the thread is in” earlier in my post in reference to the three month guideline. :slight_smile: Sorry, no nits to pick here. :wink:

But that’s not the sentence I quoted, which had no such qualifier.

That’s enough! You know better. If you want to have a friendly duel with me, find something better, not this petty pissant crap. I’m not smiling now.


Some threads get closed earlier than others.