How long will coffee beans stay good in a vacuum sealed bag

My cousin in Seattle was kind enough to ship me some great coffee, but I’m being rather slow about consuming it. I still have a second bag that’s now about a month old. It was hand-scooped into a clear bag with a little valve on the front, so if they did it right it should be vacuum sealed. Will this coffee still be fresh when I dive into it?

ETA: I’ve been using Chefguy’s cold-brew method, and it works great!

As we speak I am sipping coffee which I found in a can after about six years. Not the best coffee in the world but still drinkable (at least by me).

If it really is a vacuum sealed bag, then the beans should be OK for about 3 months. You’re right in thinking the valve is an indication of such. The bag should feel “tight” with firmly packed beans that don’t shake around inside if the vacuum is good. The valve is a one-way valve out to release any gases emitted by the beans so the bag doesn’t explode.

Enjoy! (from a former barista)

Here’s the cold brew system I use. Reusable filters and everything. Highly recommended.

Barclay’s was my coffee store when I lived in the San Fernando Valley of California. They’re trustworthy and good folks to deal with.