How long will Davis stay Governor of California?

Gov. Gray Davis has been a central figure in much of news coverage of the California fires. Davis, of course, lost an October 7 recall vote, with Arnold Schwarzenegger elected to replace him.

At the time of the vote, I understood that the transition would happen very quickly. It’s now more than three weeks later, and I haven’t seen anything about when Schwarzenegger will take office.

When will the hand-off of the Governorship occur, and why?

Well, I saw news coverage of Schwarzenegger in Washington lobbying for $$ as Governor, so, uh - I think Davis is finished.

Schwarzenegger will be sworn in as Governor on November 17.

OK, if Schwarzenegger will be sworn in on November 17, how did they pick that date?

The inauguration is set for Nov. 17.

There is a legal timeframe established to get the votes finalized and certified by the Secretary of State before the vote is official.

It’s based on a projection of when the vote count will be certified.