How long will it take the world to breed another Boyo Jim?

So the UN finally realizes how valuable I am, and starts work on recreating me. I’m stubborn, and won’t let myself be cloned, but they can study my geontype (if that’s the right word) and learn all they are able to about my genetic makeup. They send out their black helicopters to test everyone else in the world, pair people up, hand out CDs of Bolero, and order the humping to begin.

It might be necessary to stipulate a couple of things, like that my DNA does not contain any unique mutations that don’t exist anywhere else in the gene pool. Any other things that would need to be true before the project could theoretically work?

Anyway, supposing the whole of the human population is put into a selective breeding program to reproduce my genetic pattern – exactly.

Approximately how long will it take, and how many infants will need to be produced?

Remember, this is not a random chance thing, this is as precisely and scientifically directed as it is possible to get.

There can be only one!

Well Boyo, we like you and all, but there’s a waiting list.

But you’re on it.


Right behind Curley Howard of the Three Stooges.

But hey! You’re ahead of Shemp! :smiley:

Yes, yes, but how long is the wait?

There’s no special hurry. You (the rest of humanity) have plenty of time – until the sun either dies out or flares up and burns the Earth to a crisp. I suggest you move a little faster, as my replavement will probably be able to figure a way out of that one – if only he/I have sufficient time to do that.

But still, that gives you what? Another billion or 2 years, easy.

You’d need to have some sort of provision for the possibility of them cloning your parents (since, after all, your genes are a combination of parts of theirs). Otherwise, 23 pairs of genes, so 2^23 (I think) possible combinations. Worst-case scenario, assuming each combination is birthed only once and your identical twin (so to speak) is born last, the ~7.3 billionth child produced will be Boyo Jim 2. That’s also assuming there are no mutations (not unique mutations, just mutations) that would be independent of the 2^23 (I think) possible combinations, which would make this game ever so much fun.

They might want to make more than one set of Boyo Mama and Boyo Papa clones…

from “Parallel Universes; Extreme Physics” by Max Tegmark (bolding mine)

Boyo ~~ there is no possible excuse for putting yourself ahead of Curley.

Curley, after all, is DA MAN!

Yo own self just ain’t cool enough to qualify.

Bolero? With that music choice, you’ll have to add another 20 million years.