How Long Would the Goldfinger Laser Take to Kill a Person?

You’re probably familiar with the laser scene from Goldfinger. It’s pretty much the archetypal unnecessarily slow supervillain death machine. How far up the body would the laser bisect a spy before killing him, though? It moves at a pretty decent speed in the film, at least in the sense that it would finish someone off in minutes rather than hours, but suppose it were slowed down dramatically to maybe 1/100th of the speed. Presumably the laser would cauterize the wounds so that the spy wouldn’t bleed to death, but at what point would the organ damage be so great that death actually occurs?

Why do I want to know? Ummm… it’s for a novel I’m writing. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

I’m not sure really large blood vessels can be cauterized. If the laser is moving up midline, a little below the navel it would hit the descending aorta and the inferior vena cava, leading to immediate massive blood loss.