How Many Abortions per Day?

OK; play nice.

On talk radio today some caller claimed there were 4,000 abortions per day in the US. That seems awfully high.

x 365


Any idea how many abortions there are in the US per year, or per average day?

854,122 / 365 = 2340.

Looking elsewhere, the US rate appears to have been dropping since 1990, so unless there’s been a reversal recently the number should be something lower than the 2340 in 2003.

Thank you. Do we all agree on this figure?

This list of historical abortion statistics for the US gives somewhat different reported abortion numbers for 2003 to the CDC report referenced by Wikipedia, (946,137 vs. 854,122).

Looking back through the years to 1990, a figure of 1,431,584 is given, the highest of any of the recorded figures and suspiciously similar to the 1,460,000 of the OP. The total numbers (and since the US population isn’t falling the % rate) have both been falling since that peak figure in 1990.

My WAG would be that the figure the caller was claiming was the 1990 peak, and not the actual figure nearly 20 years later.

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