How many Americans would vote for NO taxes?

There is all this talk about “he’s raising taxes, he’s lowering taxes.”

How many Americans do you think would vote for a candidate that promised NO taxes for the next 4 years?

On one hand, I like the theoretical of individuals deciding where and to what services their money goes. If I don’t use service X, I don’t want my tax money paying for it, etc. On the other, that would be a logistical nightmare, and I’d have a hard time voting for that guy – if for no other reason than because I don’t want to drop a dime everytime I pull onto the freeway.

In the current environment they could only do that by massive borrowing… unless they plan to shut down the military which would put all those people out of work… then it’d be borrowing but not as much. I would absolutely vote for a national consumption tax and no income taxes. Of course I am one of the few Americans that saves money (I do not have a car or a TV).

A few people would vote for it because they wouldn’t think about the consequences. The only people who would actually support the idea would be a few arch-libertarians who believe even services like the police and the court system should be privatized.

Lots, as long as the candidate did a lot of hand waving about where the federal budget money would come from. It’d probably help his case if he promised to hand out free stuff… lowering taxes while increasing expenditures seems to work out well for ones career.

Ok, thanks for answering why people would, or why people shouldn’t. Thanks again for readint he OP.

I asked how many people you think WOULD vote for such a thing.
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The problem with that idea is you get stuck with a lot of free riders - people who’ll get the benefit of services other people paid for. If I, for example, refuse to pay any taxes for the armed forces, it’s unlikely that some foreign country will attack me personally. So I get defended for free by the military that you paid for.

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I think even die-hard libertarians woudl concede that some form of security provider - be it army, police or both - is needed. This is also what the very liberatarian philospher Robert Nozick concludes (by describing how this would sort out itself when completely free individuals will try to ‘buy’ security)

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Since you seem to want a numerical answer, hmm, I’ll go with 15% of Americans. Seems good to me.

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I’m reminded of this exchange :

Now, I wouldn’t be as precise as “27%”, but I think you could find close to that much support. Because there’s enough people who are ignorant, gullible, crazy, and/or fanatic enough to support such a self destructive course ( or nearly any other ) and either not realize or not care about the consequences.

There’s no real answer of course, but I’d be willing to bet if a legitimate national polling organization designed a survey around testing the concept, it would find roughly 50% would support it in theory. I base this on the famous Gallup Poll that found disapproval of various sections of the Bill of Rights ranged anywhere from 25% to 2/3rds.

Of course there’s also basic ignorance of economics. I can see the commercials now.

“We’ll cut your taxes to ZERO!
We’ll maintain all your services!
How can we do it? VOLUME!!!”

I have a few former bosses who would support such a candidate. No question about it.

Damn near everyone I know would vote for no taxes. And that’s depressing.

Thank you for posting this. When I read that first paragraph, I literally sat here saying “Hoe…Lee…Shite…” Talk about an eye-opener.

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I wouldn’t vote for a liar.

Oh, wait! I have already, every 4 years since 1984! :rolleyes:

As the phrase goes, libertarianism is the anarchy of the Right. The anarchy that thinks all rights and power should go to the biggest bank accounts - which is what you’d get with a privately funded “legal system”. What judge is going to rule against the guy who pays him ? What cop is going to arrest the guy who owns the police department ?