How many books can your e-reader hold?

I have 326 books on my Kindle, and it has started telling me I need to delete something in order to have room for more.

In fairness, one of them is Infinite Jest, which is a big book. And not one I’m going to delete.

How many books do you have on your e-reader, and have you ever had to delete anything?

Kindle Paperwhite.
680 books, 600MB out of 2GB still available.

Kindle DX. Currently there are 528 books on it and I haven’t been forced to delete anything due to space issues yet. In fact, it looks like I could easily shove 1000 books on it.

I’ve got an old Kindle, and I don’t carry more books on it than I’m currently reading, or have just recently read. (Or a small handful of reference books.)

My storage is all on my PC. I pipe it in, read it, then delete it.

Much like Trinopus I keep most of them on my PC or my portable HD. I did accumulate hundreds on there at one stage. When I had a couple of minor problems it was a pain going through so many files to sort them out so I cleaned it out and started again. I have less than twenty on there now - those I have started reading, the next ones I plan to read and a couple of recent purchases.

A text only Amazon file tends to be less than a megabyte in size, so a 2GB Kindle should theoretically be able to store 2,000+ novels. Graphics heavy ebooks will be larger in size.

I see that Infinite Jest is a novel, so I doubt it’s more than 2MB in size at 1,098 pages. I think there’s something else on your Kindle that is sucking up your storage. Plug it into your computer and have a look at the files.

If it were my Kindle, and I couldn’t find the problem after looking at the files, I’d do a Factory Reset to clear everything out and reload the ebooks.

Part of the space is operating software, indexing, etc.

I’ve got the kindle app on my windows tablet with 512 GB of hard disk space and 10 TB of cloud storage on OneDrive. So it can hold around 5.5 million books which is more than I could conceive of reading in my lifetime. Plus you can always stream it on

The kindle stores all of your books “in the cloud,” so even if you delete them from the device, you can instantly download them again if you want them.

Go to the “books” setting and you should see “cloud” and “device.” Deleting them from the device does not delete them from the cloud.

Another gripe… My Kindle is so old, that it doesn’t actually move books to folders. I can create a folder – say, a Mark Twain folder. I can send all my Mark Twain books to that folder.

But they also still show up in the top-level list! They don’t disappear from the top list of books when I send them to a folder. So what’s the damn point of having folders, if books won’t move into them, but only get copied into them as data shortcuts/pointers?

I’m betting they’ve fixed this with later models.

About 5. Any more than than and I’m thinking it’s about to break.

Do you have your Kindle set to sort “By Collections” as opposed to by Title or Author or Recent?

Collections are more like tags, not folders. So, a book can reside in multiple collections, as well as at the “top” level.

I don’t have a Kindle but I do have a tablet I use for reading so I’m not really getting the issue of not having the book immediately on your Kindle. I easily and quickly move stuff on and off the tablet to external drives with wifi, USB cable or micro USB thumb drives. I got a 128 gig microsd card for $ 40 on sale a few months ago and put it in the tablet and really don’t need to move much stuff offline these days.

Can’t you just store books offline on the Amazon cloud or on your PC?

As Ruk said on Star Trek, “THAT WAS THE EQUATION!” Thank you, mil milion gracias! I didn’t even know that there were sorting options; I just now went and fiddled with it a while until I found my way to that control. I’m happy now!

(By dangy, I do love my Kindle! It’s so light-weight and comfy. Imagine reading Plutarch’s Lives in a physical book! Thing weighs a ton! The Kindle makes it a dream!)

I think my Kobo could hold 1000. It has fewer than 100 right now.

I have a Nook HD+. I have 1066 books on it. I have 9.7 GB free of 12.6 GB. If necessary, I can install up to a 32 GB micro SD chip into it. I imagine formatting might use up some of that 32 GB.

My original Nook had something over 300 books on it when it went kerflooey a couple of months ago and wiped them all out. No real loss; I have copies on PC.

I replaced it with a Kobo, which I now wish I had bought in the first place – much more powerful software for manipulating data and much greater control over font size (you can even install your own fonts).

Sounds nifty.
Imagine, War and Peace in Comic Sans.

I keep what I’m currently reading and a few that I want to read. Everything else? That’s what the cloud is for.