How many bowel movements per day is normal?

Is there a standard number that is normal or average?

:eek: how many per day? How about how many per week?

Unless I have the squirts, I’m a once-every-two-or-three-days kind of guy.

I think most people get buy with one per day.

ypmv (your pooping may vary)


You asked for it… this is from WebMD:

“Constipation occurs when bowel movements become difficult or less frequent. The normal length of time between bowel movements ranges widely from person to person. Some people have bowel movements three times a day; others, only one or two times a week. Going longer than three days without a bowel movement is too long. After three days, the stool or feces become harder and more difficult to pass.”

The normal range is usually defined as from three times a day to three times a week. Anything outside of that for a long period (usually three weeks - doctors love threes) should be checked out by a doctor.

I would be more concerned with the consistency of the bowel movement than the frequency. Soft, formed (mostly), easy to pass are best. Hard little lumps, or hard large lumps are not good, nor are watery bowel movements. You need adequate fluid intake, food/fiber intake, exercise, and care with certain medications (eg. some narcotics, iron supplements, and other meds can be constipating (hard stool, difficult to pass))

I’m a two or three times a day kind of guy. I’m shittin like a motherfuck!
Oh, and we do have a resident expert on butt sludge.
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Well, normally I’m a once-a-day-like-clockwork kind of person (oh! it must be between 1pm and 2pm!). heh.

However, I’ve been losing weight for the last four months or so by carefully watching my diet (reduced by about 1000 calories per day = 2lbs per week weight loss), so now my BM frequency is down to once every two or sometimes every three days. I guess the decreased total quantity of food is responsible for the change.