How many chairs per capita are there in your residence?

My residence is a one bedroom apartment. I live alone, have no significant other or other frequent visitors. The maximum number of people who have been in my apartment at one time is 6- and that was for maybe 20 minutes, I doubt everyone all sat down at once.

I have 11 chairs.

4 ordinary kitchen chairs
4 wooden folding chairs (actually, two sets of two)
1 wooden desk chair
1 recliner and
1 comfy computer/office chair on rollers.
How about you? How many chairs do you have?

You may include lists of couches, loveseats and other furniture which could be used in place of a chair if you feel inclined. No such furniture exists in my apartment.

We have 7 chairs: 4 at the kitchen table, 1 roller-chair at the computer desk, 2 plastic chairs on the deck outside (we used to have another one, but my husband stood on it to climb in the window when we locked ourselves outside and it completely smashed).

We also have 1 sleeper couch.

We have 2 adults and a toddler (and a dog, who is usually taking up 2/3 of the couch).

All on my lonesome, I have…one at the computer, one half of the sofa that I sit on, one which I don’t, a big chair that holds my coat and other stuff from walking through the door, two stools unused under a table, and another chair in the bedroom that must be feeling left out.

Nine actual chairs.

2 sofas that seat 3 to 4 each depending on size of the person. (so say 8)


for 4 and 1/2 people (my eldest son only lives here part time)


Let’s see…per capita would that be 3.78 chairs per human?

4 people

1 rolling computer chair
1 living room set (couch, loveseat, chaise and 2 ottomans - seating for 8, I guess)
6 dining room chairs
4 kitchen chairs
4 folding chairs in the closet

8 resin chairs in the backyard

So, seating for 31, or about 8 chairs per capita

We live in a 3 bedroom house, and we have hosted several large gatherings over the years; if I had to hazard a guess, I would say 45 is the largest number of people we’ve gathered together at our place. We just had 19 over for New Year’s Eve, and my wife was worried that not everyone would be able to sit at the same time.

Okay … living alone in a three bedroom, two bathroom house.

Sectional couch: 4 seats
Dining room: 4 chairs
Computer desk: 1 chair
Futon: 3 seats
Old comfy chair: 1 chair

That’s 13 per capita, not including outdoor furniture.

People: 2


2 dining room
3 seats at the couch
1 armchair
1 computer chair

I’m not gonna count my futon, since it’s a bed 90% of the time.

That’s 7 total, for a per capita count of 3.5 chair per person.

Living alone, I have 6 dining room chairs and two sofas. But I always sit on the floor.

2 people - 8 chairs, one sofa, one love seat, two thrones. :smiley:

Let’s see - I live alone. I have 4 dining room chairs, 8 kitchen chairs, three antique rocking chairs, 2 computer chairs, one old comfy leather lounge chair and one antique chair made by a slave. I think that’s it. Oh - I have 4 chairs on my lawn furniture set. That’s 23. I have a couple love seats stored in my mother’s garage at the moment.


1 person in a 2 bedroom 2 story condo.

11 chairs.
– 1 swiveling chair for the computer
– 1 chair for my upstairs desk
– 4 chairs for the dining room table
– 2 plastic chairs for the patios but rarely used
– 3 chairs used for nothing, especially now that I have the sofa
2 bar stools, theoretically for cereal at the dining room/kitchen bar, but always covered in misc. papers.
1 sofa.
1 futon - but again, always a bed.

4 kitchen chairs
1 L shape kitchen bench seats 3 adults or 5 kids
6 dining room chairs

1 recliner
2 wing back chairs
1 short sofa seats 2
1 long sofa seats 3

1 computer chair

1 student desk chair

1 bedroom chair and ottoman

4 folding chairs in the coat closet

20 “chairs” but 28 to 32 places to sit for 3 in residence for between 9.3 and 10.6 per capita

I live alone. I have… 1 chair. At a desk that I use for both meals and computer.

Yes, I need to get a life. :smack:

3 people living in the house.

Living Room - Couch sits 3, 2 armchairs
Kitchen/Dinig Room - 2 armchairs, 4 wooden chairs at table
Bedroom 1 - Desk Chair, armchair
Bedroom 2 - Computer chair
Bedroom 3 - fold up chair/bed in the closet
Garden - 2 wooden garden seats, 1 lounger

Seating for 18

6 seats per capita

i have a one-bedroom apartment all to myself. i hosted my first thanksgiving this past year with a grand total of 6 people in my house at once (15 total stopped by). it’s usually only me and my boyfriend (well, ex, but that’s a whole 'nother story) hanging out at my place.

i have one chair.


my (ex?) BF always says: “Make sure to wear comfy shoes if you plan to stop by Ang’s house!”

2 people living in a 2/2 apt. We’ve had 12 people sitting down at once.

6 dining room chairs
4 patio chairs
2 office chairs
2 folding/camp chairs for 1
1 folding camp chair for 2
1 wooden stool
1 stuffed chair
1 couch
1 director’s chair
1 folding chair

20 / 2 = 10 chairs per capita

family of four checking in…

2 school chairs
3 folding chairs
1 office chair
1 piano bench
1 sofa for 3
1 armchair
1 church pew for 2
4 kitchen chairs
6 dining room chairs
another sofa for 3
a loveseat for 2
a recliner
2 odd Ecuadorean leather chairs
a child’s office chair

optional for inclusion: outdoor furniture
an additional chair, loveseat for 2, chaise, and 3 folding chairs

Totals: 24 indoor chairs, (seating for 30), so 6 (7.5 seating) per capita
Including outdoor furninture: 30 chairs (seating for 37) so 7.5 (9.25) per capita.

I guess we sit a lot. :rolleyes:

If I wasn’t in a wheelchair, that would be me.

14 chairs/4 people = 3.5 chairs/person

Er, I forgot my futon. I use it as a bed only but it can sit three.

So five per capita?