How many Christians are there?

Short and simple:

Does anyone know what percentage of Americans claim to be Christian (regardless of denomination)? I tried looking on the web and couldn’t find it anywhere.


There’s a column about this (sort of). It has the numbers for the whole world though. I don’t know about just America.

If you have Adobe Acrobat installed, try:

It gives some 1997 figures:
58% Protestant
26% Catholic
2% Jewish
6% Other
8% None.

Apparently, because of Public Law 94-521, the US Census can’t ask mandatory questions about religion, so the figures will be very approximate.

This news article, which is only about a week old, has some informatrion.

The World Christian Encyclopedia claims that there are “192 million people in U.S. Christian groups” divided into “33,820 denominations or similar distinct organizations.” Since the US population is around 276 million (8/2000 est.), that seems to give Christians about 70% of the pie, by my calculations. The book also claims that there are 1.9 billion (31%) Christians worldwide.

144,000 of course :slight_smile: